Healthy Snack Ideas California Grapes Twitter Party

Healthy Snack Ideas for the California Grapes Twitter Party is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Grapes from California through Kitchen PLAY. All opinions expressed are my own honest experiences.

Did you know that 99% of the table grapes grown in the US come from California? California Grapes are cultivated, packed and picked with the greatest care to ensure that you can find plump, juicy and delicious grapes in your local markets from May through January.

Healthy Snack Ideas California Grapes

Not only do California Grapes taste great, they are packed full of nutritional goodness. No matter which color you choose to eat, red, green or black, grapes are a natural source of antioxidants and other polyphenols that make them the perfect addition to recipes and healthy snack ideas.

Grapes from California Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas California Grapes

California grapes are so versatile. You can eat them straight from the bunch or create a delicious snack in just a few minutes time.  Mix grapes into your snacks, salads, sandwiches, sides, smoothies and more for a boost of added flavor, texture and nutrition.

Here are a few easy healthy snack options and recipes you will want to add to your meal plans:

Healthy Snack Ideas California GrapesHealth Benefits of California Grapes

  • One serving of grapes (3/4 cup) contains: Just 90 calories, no fat, no cholesterol and virtually no sodium.  
  • Grapes are also an excellent source of vitamin K which plays a key role in helping blood to clot in order to prevent excessive bleeding, and may also be important in bone health.
  • Grapes of all colors – red, black and green – are a natural source of beneficial antioxidants and other polyphenols.
    • Polyphenols are natural plant nutrients that help promote antioxidant activity and may help promote overall health by helping maintain the health and function of our cells.
    • Research shows that grape polyphenols may help maintain a healthy heart.
    • Fresh grapes are the source of the heart-healthy polyphenols found in red wine including the widely researched resveratrol.  
    • Resveratrol is found in grapes of all three colors.
  • Grapes and grape products may contribute to a healthy heart by promoting the relaxation of blood vessels to help maintain healthy blood flow and function.


Grapes from California are versatile, delicious and nutritious. Look for Grapes from California at your local market and give yourself an easy nutritional boost.

Healthy Snack Ideas California Grapes

Grapes of California Twitter Party Information

Whip up your favorite Grapes from California recipes and snacks then join us for a fun and exciting Twitter Party on August 15th at 9 PM EST.

There will be lots of great information, recipe ideas and prizes, too. Follow @GrapesfromCA on Twitter, RSVP here >>> Twitter Party for the event and use the hashtag #GrapesfromCA to join the fun. I hope to see you there!

Be sure to get social with Grapes from California so you don’t miss out on any of the great healthy snack ideas they share.




You can also find more information on the Grapes from California website:


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