GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad is a sponsored conversation brought to you in partnership with GIANT Food Stores. All opinions are my own honest experiences.

To kick off my fall menu planning I had the pleasure of having an appointment with the GIANT Food Stores in-store Nutritionist. If you have never taken advantage of this service you are missing out on a great service. I was able to meet Shanna at the GIANT Food Stores on Linglestown Road in Harrisburg. We had a great conversation about all of the healthy food selections, programs and literature available, that I didn’t even know were available to GIANT Food Stores customers. Be sure to schedule your own appointment with the Nutritionist at select GIANT Food Stores by email or phone.

During the appointment you can talk to Shanna or her co-workers if you choose a different location, about your health and wellness dietary needs. Whether you are looking for easy meal planning, new recipes, advice for special diets, food allergy information or need help finding a healthy weight loss plan you can find discuss the options at your appointment. There is as $20 cost for the appointment, but when you complete the appointment you will be rewarded with a $20 Giant gift card, so it’s basically free.

You will get a lot of great wellness information and you get $20 to spend on healthy foods (or whatever you choose). Investing in your own health and wellness is always the right thing to do.

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad

Often I struggle with making meals for just the two of us. In the back of my mind I think it would just be easier to go out or get takeout. I know that isn’t the right choice for my budget or my health. Shanna was able to give me some great tips about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while cooking small meals and she gave me some fabulous tips on how to build a better salad.

How To Build A Better Salad

We all know that salads are a healthy alternative to other lunch and dinner options, however, a traditional salad can get boring and redundant very quickly. Use these tips I learned from the Giant Food Stores in-store Nutritionist to build a better salad! You can spice things up, add new ingredients, and following this method you’ll be on track to delicious and healthy meals.

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad


Don’t worry, these tips won’t add time to your routine. If you meal prep, this is a great way to create some delicious and healthy recipes!

The tour of the produce department, gluten-free and specialty items as well as the meat department was very helpful and finding the ingredients that can help make the perfect fall salads. Choose your favorites OR go out on a limb and try something new. You might be surprised at the new and delicious flavors you create!

Pick A Protein

Protein is a very important aspect to any healthy diet. When you build a better salad it should definitely have some healthy protein! Some of these protein elements might surprise you. It doesn’t have to be heavy on the meat in order to meet your protein needs. Beans, tofu, eggs, and cheese all have an added level of protein than can help keep you full and energized!

Don’t forget about fish! Canned Salmon is an easy addition to your salads and meals.

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad

Layer The Flavors

If you are tired of the same old tomatoes and cucumbers on your salad, mix it up while layering the flavors. Build a better salad with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits! Combining new flavors can help keep you interested and excited about eating salads. I know after a few weeks of building salads I end up in a rut.

Printable to Help You Build a Better Salad

Use the printable below to give you inspiration. I’ve got one hanging on my fridge so that I can refer to it whenever I feel like I’m sick of the same old salad. Just click on the image and print.

In the GIANT Food Stores produce department you can find packaged vegetable noodles ready to add flavor to all of your salad creations. Try beets or butternut squash for a colorful crunch.

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad

Get Creative

Did you know that you can build a better salad while still including some healthy fats and carbs? Try incorporating some nuts and health grains into your salad routine. Quinoa goes great with almost any flavor and it will give you an extra boost to fight that mid day slump! The healthy fats in a variety of nuts and seeds can really help with brainpower for the afternoon fog as well.

Need a little more crunch in you salad? Try topping it with Chickpea Snacks. Chickpeas will add more protein and fiber while giving you a satisfying crunch that keeps you full longer.

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad


Drizzle On The Dressing

Try making your own dressing! When I was learning how to build a better salad I realized that many ready made salad dressings are packed with unhealthy chemicals and ingredients. Making salad dressings is easy. Follow the simple recipe ideas on the print out to craft your own healthy, delicious, flavorful recipes.

GIANT Food Stores Nutritionist Tips | How To Build A Better Salad

Don’t forget to drizzle on your dressing. Dumping dressing on versus drizzling a bit over the top can mean extra calories and fat. Avoid those unnecessary additions by spritzing or drizzling on the dressing and mixing or shaking up your final product. You will soon realize that you need less dressing than you are used to!

Are you ready to build a better salad?

The Giant Nutritionist also gave me this great handout Build a Better Salad to share with all of you! It’s a great reminder about all the different ways you can build a better salad.

Call your local GIANT Food Stores today or visit their website to schedule your appointment with the Nutritionist today!


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