Camping on a Budget

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Camping on a Budget

Camping on a Budget
Going camping can be a fun and exciting adventure; it can also be an expensive hobby if you aren’t careful! Camping on a budget is easier than you might think! There are few things to consider and lots of tips & tricks to camping on a budget so hopefully we can have you saving money AND having a ton of fun in the great outdoors in time for the summer season!

One of the most expensive parts of any camping trip is the gear. You can quickly and easily let yourself get caught up in the extras and accessories and without realizing it you can spend more on a simple camping trip than you would just renting a cabin in the woods somewhere! When you are looking to go camping on a budget you need to be aware of your spending on gear. If you are not avid campers or if you are first time campers I would recommend borrowing as much gear as possible. This will save you the added expense of purchasing items but it will also come with the responsibility of using another’s things, you have to decide if that works for you. Another way to save on gear is by scooping up deals and steals at thrift shops, online sales, garage sales, and even on bartering / sale sites online! Shopping smart and cheap for camping gear can really save you a lot of money in the long run!

Food / Drinks
Camping on a budget can be tough if you do not plan accordingly for your food and drinks. Some easy ways to end up overspending on any camping trip is by leaving important things at home, purchasing all food and drink at nearby restaurants or camp stores, and also by overthinking your camp meals. Keep it simple and pack well. A good cooler will keep all your items fresh and cold so you can enjoy cooking over the fire or on the grill. You can enjoy all the same savings of careful food shopping at home! It is totally fine to grab a local meal, that alone won’t blow your budget but know that with just a bit of careful meal planning you can eat at camp for little or no additional food cost!

If you are like us and you use your camping trips much like a vacation, there is always the allure of local activities. Instead of running off to local theme parks or attractions, try and check out some of the local hiking trails, natural forests, landmarks, etc. Afterall, a camping trip is supposed to get you in touch with the great outdoors! Planning some activities ahead of time can also really save you money. Take along your favorite games, a great book, some relaxing puzzles, etc. In most cases  you can enjoy all your favorite activities even more in the great outdoors: without the chaos of television and internet you can more easily focus on just about anything! Camping on a budget does not have to be boring, with a little extra planning you can enjoy tons of activities and day trips without breaking the bank!


Most people don’t realize just how many places there are to camp for free or cheap! Do some research on your desired area and see if you can find discounted or free locations available to set up camp! You can have just as much fun (if not more) camping for free as you can when paying a lot fee! You might even find some places this way that you wouldn’t have know about otherwise!

Camping on a Budget

How do you save money when you go camping? Do you have any favorite free spots, activities, or gear tips? What do you love to cook when you go camping?

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