Classical Cuisine Le Jeune Chef Restaurant

This week I had the privilege of being hosted by Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA for a classical cuisine culinary tour. All opinions shared are my own personal experience. Upon arrival I was greeted by the President of the College and her staff. We discussed the  highlights of the educational benefits of the college as well as the history of it’s unique programs. I also stayed on campus at the historical  Victorian House restored by the Construction & Design Technologies School.


Myself and two other bloggers had the privilege of experiencing a Southern Italy inspired classical cuisine dinner hosted by the College’s School of Business & Hospitality. The dinner was hosted at  Le Jeune Chef (translated “the young chef”) Restaurant, on the campus of Pennsylvania College of Technology in historic Williamsport, PA. The restaurant offers a gourmet menu and features the area’s most extensive wine list. The restaurant is open to the public and reservations are required for the classical cuisine dinner and many other events. Call them at 570-320-CHEF or visit the website for more information.

Classical Cuisine Le Jeune Chef Restaurant

Southern Italy Inspired Classical Cuisine Dinner

I must admit, that I don’t have a lot of experience dining in fine restaurants. Raising a family in a small rural town, limits your dining experiences. Pizza and Chinese takeout are the highlights around here. We don’t even have delivery service! Since the kids our grown now, I plan to make sure my husband and I expand our dining experiences. Being able to experience a real seven course Southern Italy inspired classical cuisine dinner has opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing. I cannot wait to visit as many fine dining restaurants as possible. My husband and I are definitely ready to become full-fledged foodies.

The meal is prepared in the labs (industrial kitchens) on-site at the Le Jeune Chef Restaurant by the staff of faculty chefs and their students. The lab begins at noon and ends at 10 PM. The long hours expose students to what would be a common work shift in a fine dining restaurant. The classical cuisine dinner consisted of seven courses inspired by the region and planned by the faculty and students. I was tough making a few of my dinner choices, only because I wanted to try it all. The meal was also served and curated by students from the Dining Service class.

Le Jeune Chef does employee full-time professional staff and many of their employees are students. The students work in the kitchen and the dining room year round, perfecting their craft and learning each and every time a customer enters the restaurant.

Classical Cuisine Le Jeune Chef Restaurant

Here’s a sample of the menu for the evening:

Southern Italy Inspired Classical Cuisine Dinner

Crostini de Fegatini

Classic Italian café dish, mousseline aof chicken livers on toasted olive oil crouton, courtesy of Chef Mike Ditchfield and the Advanced Garde Manger class.


Gnochhetti di Pollo Genovese

Petite chicken and potato dumplings; served with creamy Parmesan sauce, gratineed until golden brown.


Lean tenderloin seasoned, seared “blue,” and sliced thin; served with shaved Parmesan cheese, sliced portabella mushrooms, and fresh lemon and olive oil dressing.

Rane Guazzetto

Plump frog legs sautéed “franchese;” served with white wine, toasted garlic, fresh herb butter sauce.


Shrimp, Basil, and Sun-dried Tomato Soufflé



Bisque Porcini

Creamy and robust, velvety Italian mushroom soup.

Brodo di Pollo e Tagliarini

Chicken consommé; served with tiny brunoise vegetables and thin fresh pasta.


Parmesan Herb Bread

Classical Cuisine Le Jeune Chef Restaurant


Orange Granite

Table side service @lejeunechef AD. #letseat #LeJeuneChef #PennCollege #foodie

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Pasta Aragosta Siciliana

Prepared tableside, lobster meat sautéed in olive oil with marinated eggplant, capers, olives, plum tomatoes, and anchovies; tossed with fresh pasta and dressed with lobster stock and basil chiffonade.

Filetto di Maiale con Salsa

Herb- and spice-crusted pork tenderloin roasted in our wood oven; served with sautéed garlic, garden vegetable, and green peppercorn sauce.

Osso Bucco Milanese

Veal shanks braised with wine, saffron, and tomatoes; served on creamy Arborio rice risotto with brunoise vegetable melange.


Selected regional cheese to complement your dining experience.


Prepared by our professional pastry chefs, students, and faculty.

I was more than thrilled by the quality of the food, the service and the hospitality I had the chance to experience at Le Jeune Chef Restaurant. The students enrolled in the programs of the School of Business & Hospitality are exposed to a number of real world work experiences along with their hands-on participation in the restaurant and the academic requirements of the major. Students travel to places outside the college such as  science fairs, fundraisers, catering events, the Kentucky Derby, the PA Farm Show, trade shows, and TV segments just to name a few. Students have many chances to hone their skills, network with businesses and prepare for life after college. The college boasts a 96% placement rate of their students within six months of graduation.

Classical Cuisine Le Jeune Chef Restaurant

I highly recommend that you find the time to visit Le Jeune Chef Restaurant in Williamsport, PA. Visit their website for event information and reservations. You can also get social with Le Jeune Chef Restaurant on Twitter –,  Instagram – and Facebook –

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