Life Should Be Comfortable

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 I’m sure we can all agree that life should be comfortable. Yoga pants, fuzzy socks, hot tea, a warm blanket and a good book are some of my favorite comfy things. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned and we can end up in uncomfortable situations. Those situations are probably the moments in life we’d like to forget.

I could probably make lists of the things that I used to be uncomfortable doing or talking about. Notice I said, “used to.” The older I get the tougher my skin has become. Literally and figuratively. Those dry patches are the pits!

Now that I am older and wiser (no laughing!) I try to focus on the comfortable things and leave the uncomfortable things behind.

Tight jeans, get comfortable wearing yoga pants.

Sore feet, get comfortable wearing flip flops.

Irritated by a bra, get comfortable going without one.

Itching or sore bum, get comfortable with Preparation H Medicated Wipes.

It’s your life, you should be comfortable in it.

Life Should Be Comfortable


Life Should Be Comfortable

Talking about my body, bodily functions and my needs used to be uncomfortable. Once you realize that uncomfortable things like gray hair, constipation, weight struggles and hemorrhoids happen to a lot people, it’s much easier to start the conversation. The more we talk about these uncomfortable things the quicker we can figure out how to be comfortable.

I used to be uncomfortable talking about my weight. I was rarely in pictures and was ashamed of my body. I have learned to talk about the uncomfortable things in life and addressing the weight issue is getting easier. I am determined to eat better and move more.

Being an overweight woman in her forties means I have a lot of uncomfortable things to talk about. Once I get to my target weight, hopefully the uncomfortable things like constipation and hemorrhoids will decrease too. Unfortunately, it’s all a domino affect. When you don’t eat right you can end up constipated. Constipation can lead to hemorrhoids and those nasty uncomfortable feelings.

Even sitting in a comfy chair can cause bum discomfort! No more just grinning and bearing it. Preparation H Medicated Wipes are helping me get my comfort back.


Life Should Be Comfortable

You can get quick relief from irritating hemorrhoid symptoms and get your comfort back easier than you think. Preparation H Medicated Wipes are gentle enough to use everyday, they are flushable and septic safe. Using hemorrhoid wipes has definitely helped  to relieve the uncomfortable burning and itching that comes with hemorrhoid flare-ups. Using the wipes to keep your bottom clean  helps aid in irritation relief. It’s definitely a comfort to your bottom when you experience the cooling and soothing relief of Preparation H Medicated Wipes.

Life Should Be Comfortable


Let’s not be uncomfortable anymore! It’s okay to talk about your body. We need to have the conversations. Together we make each other better.

Are you ready to be comfortable? Let’s talk about it. Keep the conversation going with Preparation H on Facebook.

Life Should Be Comfortable




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