Connect Learn Retreat


Orlando, FL – March 2018 (SOLD OUT)

 Pocono, PA – September 2018



Michele is a Central PA influencer, the CEO of and Connect and Learn Retreat. She partners with brands to build genuine working relationships that benefit all parties. Her blog and retreat are a means to enhance lives, build powerful relationships and empower women to take charge of their businesses, as well as their own health and wellness.

Connect and Learn Retreat is a gathering of women bloggers, entrepreneurs, and professionals that want to elevate their businesses, while connecting with like-minded women and brands in a casual learning environment. This retreat is meant to inspire and refresh the women in attendance so that they leave ready to reach new goals, create more amazing moments in their lives, and take time for their own health and wellness needs.

15 amazing women will join together for three days of learning, relaxation, and fun.  Their readers are predominantly women who look to them for advice, support, and opinions about the products and services they are using in their daily lives. All attendees should be committed to growing personally and professionally, while helping others do the same.


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