Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie®

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Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie® is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Litter Genie®. The opinions and text are all mine.

It’s been almost 14 years since our one and only cat, “Crab Cakes” joined the family. One summer morning she showed up on our front porch and she has been here ever since. For many years she was mainly an outdoor cat. She had her own house, prowled the countryside, and ate like a king. She was happy and we were happy to have a cat an attack cat that protected the outside surroundings.

Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie®


Crab Cakes has always been a loyal family pet.  She was proud  to be showing off her outdoor catches, rubbing against your legs or  greeting family members at the door upon arrival at home. Of course she was waiting for that quick rub between the ears and off she’d go. That was then and this is now. Now she’s much older and indoors is where she prefers to be. Crab Cakes still takes a jaunt or two outside each day, but we basically have a full-time indoor cat. She’s much happier inside and that make all of us happy, too.


Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie®

Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie®

Having a cat inside the house takes some adjustments. Finding the perfect spot for the food dishes and the litter box were the first step.  Speaking of a litter box, who knew that one cat could make such a mess. While I am grateful that Crab Cakes has always been litter box trained,  I am not a fan of the odors she can produce. Finding a way to help cut down on the cat odors was a number one priority for me.

Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie®

Making sure our friends and family can come for a visit and not notice we have a cat based on the scents in the air is important to me.

I was able to find the  Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System and refill packs in the pet care section at Walmart. Each refill bag system should last up to 6 weeks in a one cat household. Obviously, you may need to change the refills more often if you are a multi-cat household.

Using the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System has definitely made the litter box adjustment for all of us easier than I thought it would be.  The Litter Genie® makes it convenient to empty the litter box on a daily basis. In three easy steps you can easily control litter box odor.

  1. Sift and Scoop – Use the scoop provided with your Litter Genie® sift the litter until you have the clumps of waste to remove. 
  2. Open the Lid – Open the top lid on the Litter Genie® and dump in your scooped waste. 

3. Close Lid and Pull the Handle –  It’s like magic. In less than a minute the waste and litter box odor are hygienically sealed in the 7-layer disposal bag.


The  Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System is so easy to use. It saves me time having all of the solutions I need to keep the litter box clean and odor free all in one location. Since the Litter Genie® controls the cat odors by storing up to 14 days of waste the litter box chores  are hassle-free.

Control Cat Odors with Litter Genie®

Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System is sanitary and makes my life so much easier. Somehow, I have ended up the designated litter box person. The other adults in the house, seem to default to me when it comes to cat chores. Daily I was dragging a bag of used litter across the house to a garbage can.   The quick trip I took to Walmart to get the Litter Genie® made the whole family, Crab Cakes included, happy. No more arguing over who cleans the litter box.

I like things to be handy. Now I have the  Litter Genie® right beside the litter box in the laundry room. The  Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System includes the disposal unit, a scoop, scoop holder that hangs on the side of your choice and one refill pack.

Using the Litter Genie® eases the chore of emptying the litter box. Plus, I am confident that the odor control of the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System will help keep our home smelling fresh and odor free.



How many indoor cats are in your home? As you can see, even if it’s only one cat, the   Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System will work to keep your cat odors under control.


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