Every year as we begin to think about all of the holiday gift lists and spending we’ll be doing, the idea of a gift closet comes up.  Many people love having a gift closet that allows them to gather items year round to use for holidays, birthdays ans special occasions.  This gives you an easy way to budget gifts without all of the stress around the holidays.  Here are our tips on How To Create A Gift Closet.  We hope this helps you get started this year, and continue the tradition for years to come.  Gift closets are great ways to save money while giving your friends and family amazing gifts.


 Set A Monthly Budget:  Before you begin, set aside a small monthly budget to put toward your gift closet.  Even just $10-$15 a month can add up when you are shopping the right sales for items.

 Watch Clearance Online:  Even though you may typically buy gifts in your local stores, don’t neglect the clearance and sale section of your favorite retail websites. There are often the same and different things available online at great prices.  You can find excellent deals on tableware, flatware and kids clothing online in these clearance sales. 

 Shop After Holiday Clearance:  The best deals for your gift closet are found in after holiday clearance.  Not just post Christmas, but every holiday.  Shop after Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Back To School, Halloween and even Thanksgiving.  From home decor items, to t-shirts, tablecloths and even candles this is the place to stock up.  While many items will be holiday themed, there are also tons that are not.  Solid colored candles, kitchen utensils, t-shirts, sweaters, pencils, stickers, are all great deals after holidays.  Don’t forget post Halloween costume sales make for great dress up trunks for kids.

 Buy Last Years Models:  When you are shopping for electronics, you can easily grab great deals when a new model is released.  Not only will older models be discontinued, but you can likely find deals for up to 75% off on those as they clear stock from the shelves.

 Buy Unisex Gifts:  When you find something that could work for male or female, stock up.  This could be a great deal on terry cloth robes, grilling accessories, fun kids toys like play dough and building sets, or video games.  When you spot a great deal on a game that could be good for either a boy, girl, man or woman you want to get as many as possible. 

 Shop Yard Sales and Thrift Stores for New Items:

Knowing how to create a gift closet can completely change your holiday budget. It’s all about being on the lookout for the next big sale price.  Some months you may spend more than others, but over the course of the year, you’ll find you have built up a great selection to give everyone just what they want or need for the holidays.  This can also be a great way to always have something on hand for kids birthday parties and the like. 

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