DIY Nautical Buoys

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DIY Natutical Buoys

BEHR MARQUEE Paint & Primer is an excellent paint for all of your home and DIY needs. MARQUEE Exterior Paint & Primer was perfect for these nautical themed bridal shower decorations I made for my maid of honor this week! She is getting married in December and her shower is quickly approaching. I needed to get to work on some custom decorations. Nautical themes have recently become very popular but it is still difficult to find party decorations that are tasteful for adults. There are plenty of crabs and lighthouses out there for children’s birthday parties but finding something a bit more “grown up” was challenging.

I decided to spend my time creating something I knew she would like instead of wasting time and money shopping online for something I couldn’t see and feel for myself. Buoys are a classic for nautical themed decorations. Beach houses, vacation homes, bathrooms…they’re everywhere. I wanted something bigger. I wanted something life like and vintage looking. Katherine and I traveled to Maine a few times in the past and they were trips that we both cherish. These buoys are reminiscent of those trips and the coastal fishing communities in which we’ve encountered them. They’re easy to make and fun to decorate, MARQUEE Paint & Primer makes it possible to match them to any room or style as well!

DIY Nautical Buoys

Every project is different but my particular focus for this project was to create items that Katherine and Pierce could use to decorate their front porch. I chose MARQUEE because I wanted my DIY creations to stand the test of time. MARQUEE Exterior Paint & Primer has powerful UV protection built in to help resist fading! I knew that their quality product would mean that my hard work would get to shine on for years to come.

The buoys are very simple to make. The first thing you need to do is find a section of lumber that is 4×4 inches. We had some pieces lying around so this was a great opportunity for me to upcycle them and achieve a more rustic and vintage look. Once you have your lumber you will need to make several cuts with a saw. We had a circular saw handy so that is what we used! Your cuts will need to go from 1 inch at the top tapering out to 4 inches on the sides to create the sloped sides of the top of the buoy. Draw your lines on first with a pencil to make sure everything looks good! They do not need to be perfect; imperfections are unique and make your pieces one of a kind.

DIY Nautical Buoys

After the buoys are cut you can drill the hole in the top for your rope or handle. It’s easier to do this now before any painting is done. Drilling after the fact can cause the pain to chip or peel off so avoid having to do touch ups and drill your holes before you paint!

Next, lightly sand off any debris or excessively rough patches. Wipe the surface clean and prepare your area for painting! Use some newspaper or an old towel to protect your work area. I painted my buoys with two light coats of Dutch White MARQUEE Exterior Paint & Primer. This provided a nice soft, creamy, white color for my base. I didn’t want anything too overly white or blinding. I allowed these to dry overnight. Next I used some paint tape to mark off stripes and lines on my buoys. I wanted them to have real nautical feel so I needed to add some stripes and numbers!

DIY Nautical Buoys

Using the paint tape keeps your lines nice and crisp but don’t get too set on making them perfect. I made each one differently and didn’t use any specific measurements for the lines and stripes. The South Pacific blue paint was also for exterior surfaces and covered very well. South Pacific required only one coat when applied over top of the Dutch White base paint. After painting all of the blue sections I removed the tape. Allow the stripes to dry for 24 hours and then the fun begins!

DIY Nautical Buoys

You can now add your rope handles! Any kind of heavy twine or hemp rope will work. I used a coarse natural fiber rope that we had on hand from some of my wedding decorations. Simply string through the hole and tie in a knot. If you want to get creative there are lots of fancy nautical knots you could add!

DIY Nautical Buoys

he final step is to add your personalized touches. I purchased two sample sized pots of MARQUEE Paint & Primer because I couldn’t decide which red I liked best. I settled on the darker red, Rumors, and set to work adding the date of their wedding, last name, and initials. Mine were all done free hand but if you are not able or confident enough to do that you can pencil the words on and paint over them. The MARQUEE Paint & Primer covers like a dream and there would be no evidence of pencil markings underneath the final paint.

DIY Nautical Buoys

I also used my leftover paint for this nautical themed crate! It will look great on the porch for shoes, flowers, or accessories and thanks to the outstanding quality of Behr products it will look great for years to come!

DIY Nautical Decorations

Have you ever tried to make your own DIY Nautical Buoys? Do you have Nautical theme decor in your home?

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