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be the good sign

Having three young kids means buying lots of teacher presents ; 6 total teachers to be exact. So, I thought about how nice it is to receive gifts made from my students and instead of buying I started building.

Busy with the end of the year school tasks, I decided to take a short (very short) break from builiding pallet furniture and started making a few pallet signs. Thanks to Pinterest it is easy to find lots of great pallet sign ideas! I really like the natural wood color, so I didn’t put any color on the pallet used for the sign. The paint was leftover from a few other projects and the text is all freehand. It’s great that the pallets give you a natural line to follow, so the lettering is basically as straight as it can be for painting on a rough and uneven surface.

sign done

I used leftover sample paint on most of the pallets signs I make I couldn’t survive with out my favorite tool: Kreg Jig This tool allows you to make pocket holes (hidden holes for the screws) to bind the pieces of wood together.

sign 4

I also used scrap wood pieces on the back of the sign for support and to make sure it was not wobbling.

 I used cut out letters to help me space out the words on the boards and then hand drew the bubble letters with the skinny paint brush. I finished the piece with a clear coat of poly from a spray can. 


believe pallet sign 2

Do you ever make handmade gifts?

Visit our Facebook Page – RECLAIMED by Jessica for more sign and furniture made from upcycled pallets that you can purchase!

Michele Brosius
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