Easy Gift Idea – DIY Photo Cube

I am sure we all have that one person who is hard to buy gifts for. Maybe the person has everything, or buys what they want or maybe they don’t have a lot of room for extra things. No matter what the situation, everyone deserves to know their special and even a small token of appreciation in the form of simple gift can make a difference. The DIY Photo Cube is so easy, practical and low cost and it’s sure to be loved by all!

DIY Photo Cube

The DIY Photo Cube can be made in less than 5 minutes and will surely bring a smile to anyone you decide to gift it to. Perfect for residents in a nursing home, Grandma’s desk, your favorite doctor’s office or anyone else that you’d like to share a small gesture of care with.

Head over to your local Sam’s Club and purchase the Kleenex® Ultra soft tissues 12 pack and you’ll have a great start at making plenty of gifts to share.

Kleenex at Sam's Club

You will need an assortment of pictures, Kleenex® tissues in the cube box and a glue stick. Each side of the Kleenex® cube measures 4″ x 5″. That gives you the ability to use a 4 x 6 picture or an assortment of pictures that will fill the space. You could even print out inspirational messages or motivational savings to use in place of a photo.

DIY Photo Cube supplies

Obviously you have 4 sides on a cube to fill up. Since the Kleenex® boxes are decorated so fashionably, I chose to put just two pictures on each cube. You can print pictures at home, on sticky paper, photo paper or just plain paper.

Kleenex DIY Photo Cube

When the tissue box is empty, you can remove your pictures to reuse them or add new pictures to your next box of Kleenex® tissues.

DIY Photo Cubes

The DIY Photo Cube will be a great way to Spread a little Comfort & Cheer with Kleenex® Brand this Year. For more information on Kleenex®Brand Tissues visit them –> here. For more information on Sam’s Club and their membership details visit them –> here.

Do you have someone that you’d like to spread a little comfort and cheer to? 

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