Easy Steps For A Healthier You

Easy Steps For A Healthier YouWalking is a great cardio exercise and is so easy to squeeze in with not a ton of time required to complete it! Its fun to find ways to squeeze in more walking and its even better if you can get the kids involved!!

Ways To Increase Your Steps:

  • Park further from the door of a store and also walk the cart back into the store instead of an outside cart holder.
  • Don’t wait for a pile of things to run upstairs.   As you need to take an item upstairs take it then for the extra flight and stairs.  Through out the day or night it will add up fast.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator anywhere you go.  I carry one of my kids up the stairs for more of  a work out often.
  • Make multiple trips to the cars for groceries.   Even though its  a short distance it will often add up fast.
  • Use a pedometer and set a goal and find ways to hit that goal! My personal goal is 10,000 steps a day or 70,000 a week.  (10000 steps is usually equals 5 miles and if you walk 5 miles a day you can expect to lose 1 – 2 lbs per week however this  depends on your metabolism. So aim for 10000 steps or 5 miles a day)
  • Wear comfortable shoes so walking isn’t painful. Also keep a pair of tennis shoes in the car so if you have time to   go for a power walk somewhere you can!
  • Set a timer to get up at least every half hour from your desk and walk around for a couple minutes.  This will help to keep your self active and not so sedentary while at the office.
  • If you work in an office walk around the office each time you get up to do something, use the furthest bathroom from your desk, or any were else you have to go from your desk to increase your step count.
  • Instead of calling a neighbor walk down and talk to them.  Even better if you can both go for a quick walk around the block while talking.

What do you do to get more steps and exercise in your day?

Michele is a married mom of 3 adult children. She is currently enjoying spending time with her husband in the empty nest. Michele can be found working on a healthy lifestyle, camping or having some frugal fun. Not necessarily in that order!

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