Easy Way to Keep Aging Parents Safe at Home

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As we age our lives go through so many seasons. We are working, raising children, empty nesters and caretakers to aging parents. Life throws a lot of different joys and obstacles our way on a daily basis. A biggie right now is monitoring aging parents at home. Let’s talk about the importance of making sure our loved ones are safe in their own homes as they age. 

When you have aging parents, family or friends you need to make sure their needs are being met. If they are able to stay at home and still be safe there are several steps you can take to ensure continued safety. 

Here are a few ways you can focus on safety for seniors. 


If the older generation is able to operate a tablet, they most likely can get familiar with a smartphone or a tablet with cellular service. Connecting through private messaging, phone calls or texts on a daily basis is a great way to keep in touch and just “check-in” with your loved ones. 

You can install apps that keep them entertained, active and healthy. 


Making sure the elderly have access to safe and nutritious food is so important. As parents age, they may qualify for home-delivered meals or meals served at senior centers in your area. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for more information. 

Think about starting a meal train. Recruit other friends and family to provide healthy meals and snacks. Encourage others to visit on the days you cannot and provide companionship during meals. Having an extra set of eyes stop in for a safety check can help keep everyone at peace. 

This past year we gifted my in-laws with a “Soup of the Month Club.” Twice a month my adult son delivers two quarts of homemade soup to my in-laws home. It was their Christmas gift from my family to them. Parents in their 80’s don’t really need stuff, but they do appreciate a good homemade soup.

Services for Aging Parents at Home 

The list of services that may be availabe for seniors staying in their homes is endless. Most programs are based on income, family availabilty and medical need. I know I have said this before, but the local Area Agency on Aging will be the first point of contact to direct you to the services your aging parents may need. 

Health aids, companions, cleaning services and medical supplies are just a few of the things that you may be able to arrange for your parents may benefit from. 

Home Security for Aging Parents 

This one is a biggie. For so many years our aging parents were very slack on keeping their home secure. Over the years their once trusted neighbors have been replaced by strangers putting them at risk for intruders. Living in a rural area it’s not unusual to have scam attempts happening in person from door to door thieves. 

With age sometimes comes the loss of decision-making skills as well as slowing motor skills. It’s easy for someone to pull the wool over their eyes or trick them into handing out information that shouldn’t be shared. 

This is where the Lorex Technology comes into play. Lorex is a 20-year industry leader providing innovative solutions for home security.  All you need is a few simple tools and Wifi and your well on your way to making sure your aging parents are secure in their home with a wire-free security system.  Plus, there are NO monthly fees or services to subscribe too. 

The Lorex Outdoor Wire-Free Security System with Two 1080p Wire-Free Cameras

We had the opportunity to review the Lorex Outdoor Wire-Free Security System with Two 1080p Wire-Free Cameras. We have had the system for almost two weeks now and so far so good. 

The system was easy to set up. The cameras are wire-free, so set up is simple. My husband used his drill to mount the camera on the siding in less than 10 minutes. You pop the battery pack into the camera, add a small antenna and hang in the places you would like to monitor. Setting up the DVR, attaching it to the Wi-Fi router and pairing the cameras took less than 20 minutes. The unpacking of all of the equipment took us longer than the actual set-up of everything. 

We are using the Lorex system to help monitor the outside entrances to my in-laws home.  The cameras are set up at the two main entrances to their homes. The DVR and Wire-Free Reciever are installed in my in-law’s spare bedroom.

The best part for us, is we are able to monitor the cameras from the app on our phones. We can be hyper-aware of the people that enter the home and also monitor the doors to make sure our aging parents are coming in and out of their homes safely. 

You even have the option of purchasing additional cameras, for a total of six that can be connected to this system. The cameras run on a dual battery pack that can last up to four months, even if they are exposed to the weather. The cameras are high-resolution and are always night vision enabled. 

Having the App on our phones makes us feel like we can “watch” for abnormal patterns of behavior and monitor who comes and goes from the house. The app allows us to receive accurate motion alert push notifications right on our phones. You can view motion alerts by times and days, get low battery alerts and feel better about the security of aging parents.

Honoring Privacy 

Don’t forget even though it may seem like it, your aging parents are not children. Making sure they still have a say in their lives and have choices is important. 

Of course, we checked with our aging parents before we set them up with the Lorex system. We are even discussing adding an indoor camera in the kitchen to watch for fire hazards and other safety issues.

My father-in-law is always asking questions or wanting to learn more about technology. We actually hooked up the DVR that comes with the system to a small monitor so he can check out the camera feed himself. Hopefully, this helps them consider who may or may not be welcome at the door. 

Installing the Lorex system has been a huge relief for my husband. He’s gone for long hours each week and doesn’t always get to help his parents as much as he would like. That app lets him make sure he isn’t missing any details going on outside the home his parents may forget to tell him about. 

Be sure to look at all of the Lorex Technology security systems that you can choose from for your home or those of your aging parents. 

What are your ideas of innovative ways to keep your aging parents safe at home? 



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