The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

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The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling is a sponsored post on behalf of Kiwami Greens. All of the content and opinions are my own honest experiences.

Simple and Effective Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Where has summer gone? I can’t believe that August is almost over! Since my husband and I have embraced this empty nest season we have been doing so much random travel this summer and  I am not ready for it to end. But you know what? When we do all that traveling, I sometimes find it hard to keep eating healthy. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find the right balance. 

No one wants to be away from home and feel bloated, tired or down in the dumps because they strayed from their healthy lifestyle choices. Don’t get me wrong, occasional treats or indulgences are almost a necessity for me while traveling but so is maintaining a healthy routine.  Making healthy food choices will give you the energy you need, give you the nutrition you need and just leave you feeling good! When you are feeling good you can have more fun!

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

With a little planning before you head out, you will be able to maintain your healthy eating lifestyle no matter where you are. Eating right and living well will make your travels much more enjoyable! Here are few of my secrets to eating healthy while traveling! 

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Fill Up at Home 

Before you head out on the road, take time to eat before you head out the door. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast or a Japanese vegetable drink like Kiwami Greens, eat to fuel your body. Starting the day out with good choices can help you jump start your eating healthy while traveling plans.

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

Water Bottle

Make sure to carry a refillable water bottle. I always have an extra bottle in my car just in case.  Make sure you are drinking enough water and fill it up at water fountains, before you leave the hotel, airport or anywhere you happen to be!

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

Pack Snacks

A small cooler or insulated lunch bag is a must if you are on the road.  If you are going away from home for a day or more try and pack some high protein snacks.  Think nuts, hummus, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, and beef jerky. 

If keeping food cool isn’t an option just pack your favorite bars, dried nuts, and other snacks.  The non-perishable snacks are the perfect ways to eat healthy while traveling by plane, train or long car rides. They will fuel your body and keep you on track for healthy eating! Toss some on your carry on when you board the plane, have in arms reach while driving down the road and even keep in your hotel room for late night cravings! 

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling


This way if you get hungry you can grab a healthy snack instead of a bag of chips at a gas station. Plus, you’ll save money too!


A lot of restaurants these days show the calorie count or even the Weight Watchers Smart Points on their menus.  Those cues can make ordering easier than you think.

Keep in mind that a huge order of pasta isn’t going to be the best thing you can order.  Be sure to look for meals with good portion of lean protein and low-calorie sides like vegetables or salad. If the portions are large, ask for a takeout box, limit how much you eat and save the rest if you have a safe place to store the leftovers. Be sure not to order high calorie drinks or cocktails that will derail your healthy lifestyle journey. 

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

Pack the Kiwami Greens

I bet its no secret that one of the hardest things for me while traveling is eating enough vegetables.  Vegetables are such an important part of healthy eating plan, but not always readily available as a snack or fast food choice.  That is why I am delighted to tell you how Kiwami Greens, a Japanese vegetable drink makes eating healthy while traveling as simple as can be.

You can count on  Kiwami Greens to make it easy to get those vegetables on the go. I just pack the vegetable powder packets in my purse and I always have them ready for use. Mix one packet of the greens powder with 5 oz of water, juice or almond milk and you have the vegetable intake you need. Each packet of Kiwami Greens is made with carefully selected ingredients, right down to the nutrient-rich soil where the raw materials are harvested.

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

Kiwami Greens is inspired by the grand Japanese tradition of Aojiru, a traditional Japanese greens powder blend known for its superior nutritional properties. Each serving of Kiwami Greens is crafted to complement your daily intake of vegetables in the most convenient way.

No matter where you are those Kiwami Greens packets can go with you. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you add vegetables to your busy schedule.

Hotel Mini Fridge 

Look for hotels that have a mini fridge in the room. Then you can pack it with those healthy snacks! Some rooms even offer a kitchen, so you could even cook yourself meals. Just hit up a grocery store for stocking your fridge. If you have room for yogurt in the Mini Fridge, you can mix Kiwami Greens right in the yogurt for a great boost to a snack or breakfast.

The Secrets to Eating Healthy While Traveling

Since we’re all busy, I have to tell you about the Kiwami Greens monthly subscription service and discount plan that can save you time and money.

Visit the Kiwami Greens Website to learn more about the health benefits of vegetable powder. While you are there sign up for the monthly subscription plan and have Kiwami Greens delivered right to your door. Plus you can save 10% off your first order with the discount code SUMMER10.

Being mindful of your eating and making sure you make the right choices when you travel can really keep you on the right track. Don’t stress to much about it because it’s all about moderation! Use Kiwami Greens and all of these great tips and eating healthy while traveling is easy!


Michele is a married mom of 3 adult children. She is currently enjoying spending time with her husband in the empty nest. Michele can be found working on a healthy lifestyle, camping or having some frugal fun. Not necessarily in that order!

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