Essential Tools For Healthy Living

Here are a few easy tips and tools to encourage healthy living.

Having the right tools on hand for weight loss and healthy living are key to being able to maintain your new lifestyle during the process and after you have reached your goal weight.  Being prepared for success will make new habits easier to maintain and keep as you are changing your life style.

  • First off is a good scale and clothing tape measure. These are great ways to motivate yourself and to take your progress, though you will be able to tell by how you physically feel the numbers can be a motivator for success.
  • The right tools for portion control. To often guessing at what the proper serving size is can lead to eating more than you think you are eating.  A food scale is essential for weighing out your portions for tracking.  Having multiple measuring cups and measuring spoons is another key to being able to properly measure and track your food intake and portion sizes.
  • A water bottle that can go with you anywhere and is easy to refill. Water intake will help to curb your hunger and is also crucial to losing weight and keeping your body healthy.
  • A way to journal your food intake and weight loss. There are multiple apps (see -> 10 free weight loss apps) and a good paper and pencil are great ways to track.  Getting in the habit can be rough to get started but once you are better at the easier it becomes.  I also find myself reconsidering food choices when I have to write it down.
  • Proper methods to store food. Often measuring snacks into Ziploc bags and labeling with either your tracking information is a great way to control your snacking and to be prepared for being on the go.  Also be sure to make sure you have the right ways to store fruits and veggies and plan ahead your grocery store trips to make sure you have enough of the good stuff on hand in your fridge.
  • Exercise equipment at home if you are planning on having a workout routine. Also a way to track your exercise like a pedometer, Fitbit, and heart rate monitor are a great way to track your exercise and to motivate yourself to move more.  Every little bit that you move more will help to push yourself to bring more successful and healthy long term

Portion control is always the biggest struggle for me. I have found keeping my food scale on the counter and my measuring cups and spoons in a close drawer helps me to stay on track.

What tools do you have to have on hand to be successful at a healthy lifestyle?

Michele is a married mom of 3 adult children. She is currently enjoying spending time with her husband in the empty nest. Michele can be found working on a healthy lifestyle, camping or having some frugal fun. Not necessarily in that order!

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