Fingerprint Fall Tree Crafts; Toddlers And Preschoolers

Finger Print Tree

Fingerprint crafts are so fun! Kids and paint on their hands is a common occurrence in our home. Sometimes, it happens when I am not looking and that can be a problem. This time I planned the craft time, so no worries!

 This fingerprint fall tree was a blast for my four year old to make!! The older ones started school before she did so craft time by herself with mommy at home was a HUGE hit for her!!! I planned to make this tree with her hand but she wanted nothing to do with putting her whole hand in the paint (the joys of being four right?) so she painted her branches and tree with a paintbrush.  LUCKILY she was okay with doing her fingerprints in the paint!!

Supply List for Fingerprint Fall Tree:

  • Construction paper
  • Orange, Yellow, and Brown paint 
  • Paint brushes in case your child changes their mind about hands or fingerprints
  • Wet towels for quick cleanups
  • Aprons for the kids

Directions for Fingerprint Fall Tree:

  • Create the trunk and branches of your tree.   You can use paintbrushes or your hands to make them.
    Allow the tree part to dry and then use finger prints to create the falling fall leaves
    Allow to dry!

Fingerprint Fall Tree

Even though she wasn’t in the mood she was still proud of her art work!! And we also created Bella’s version of her fall tree.  She insisted the leaves were pink on the trees and had a ton of fun with the paint brush. (She was over the finger painting by then)

Fingerprint Fall Tree

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