Historic Millersburg Ferry Boat Staycation

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Millersburg Ferry

Our family won’t be taking a real “vacation” this year. With high school graduation, college prep and some car repairs that had to be done, the vacation days and funds have been used for these other important life events. We are planning on spending some of our weekends on local staycation trips. Since we own a small pop up camper, heading out for the weekend is usually quick and easy.

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Recently we had the opportunity to hitch a ride on the Historic Millersburg Ferry on the way home from a family picnic. Millersburg is home to the last known all wooden double stern-wheel paddle boats believed to be operating in this country. It’s a wooden paddle boat that takes you from one side of the river to the other side of the river. The trip takes around 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions of the day. Being able to utilize this mode of transportation saves us almost 30 minutes and 25 miles of travel. Plus, its just a nice relaxing ride. Enjoying the scenery and traveling on the water is so relaxing and refreshing.

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The actual inception date of the Millersburg Ferry is not known. From all accounts it seems like the official Ferry landing in Millersburg was established in 1827. Two boats are presently part of the fleet, The Roaring Bull V and the Falcon III, according to the U. S. Coast Guard, are the only two remaining all-wooden, double-paddle stern wheel ferry boats of their type remaining in the United States.

Millersburg Ferry 2

There are a few ways to experience the Millersburg Ferry. You can board the boat as a walk on passenger or board with your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or horse and buggy. Living in Amish country you will always find accommodations made for horse and buggy riders.  The rates for the ferry trip vary based on the size of your vehicle, number of passengers, etc. 

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We feel very blessed to have this historic beauty right in our back yard. We like to ride at least once a month and it’s an advantage when we visit family at a campground on the other side of the river. It’s a nice ride with friendly staff and captains, that are very knowledgable about the boat, its operations and history. Just being able to sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife is a treat for all.

Millersburg Ferry 3

You can catch up with the ferry on either side of the river. The Millersburg side landing pictured below is on River Street in Millersburg, Pa. The Liverpool landing is located at the Ferry Boat Campgrounds in Liverpool, Pa. If you happen to get to Central Pa, be sure to check out the Historic Millersburg Ferry, take a ride and enjoy!



Does your family have any summer vacation or staycation plans? We would love to hear where you plan to travel this summer!

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