Invisalign Liners for Teens and Adults

This is a sponsored post. All content is the authentic honest opinion of my beautiful future daughter-in-law and her personal experience with Invisalign Liners.


As an adult I’m aware that a set of nice, straight, teeth is as good as any fashion accessory…as a teen I was not so hyped by the idea of straight teeth. I spent five years with traditional metal braces on my teeth and it was not a great experience. It was painful, lengthy, intrusive, and caused me all kinds of trouble in the sports and physical education department. After several years of not wearing my retainers I noticed some gaps forming and the dentist suggested that because of my wisdom teeth coming in I should see my orthodontist for new retainers or treatment options. I dreaded the idea and was instantly transported back to the days of pimples and shiny smiles, it took me a few months to build up the courage to go back but I’m very glad that I did!

invisalign liners

After just a few minutes in the chair my worst fears were erased! The doctor informed me that for issues like I was having (small gaps, keeping teeth in place, etc.) the easiest and most effective method would be to get me a set of Invisalign aligners. They took normal impressions (why was I so afraid of these people as a kid/teen?!?!) and told me that within a few days they’d have my first ones ready to go! When I came back 1 week later I was amazed. I wore the aligners home that night and for several hours no one noticed…I finally had to take them out to eat and everyone was amazed! They were completely unnoticeable and compared to traditional braces there was a world of difference.

Invisalign compare to braces

Originally I was worried about how much the Invisalign was going to cost. The doctor and staff talked to me about my options and the only reason they were not covered by my insurance was due to my age! For teens or pre-teens (up to age 18), my policy would cover the Invisalign just like normal braces. I was shocked to hear this because I always assumed that Invisalign liners would be more expensive. I ended up paying less for my Invisalign liners than I did for my original, metal type, retainers.


I’m amazed at how far the orthodontic world has come over the last ten years. Programs like Invisalign Teen give kids and teens the option to have a healthy, beautiful,smile without all the awkwardness of traditional braces. Just like traditional braces if something is lost or broken they’ll replace it (up to SIX replacement aligners) with the Invisalign Teen program.

invisalign liners before

Unlike traditional braces which require monthly visits (missing school, missing work, driving to the doctors, etc.) Invisalign for Teens treatments are provided several sets at time so treatment can continue without lengthy office visits each and every month! They’re easy, cost effective, less intrusive, and less noticeable; Invisalign is the smarter way to straight teeth. I can’t imagine going back to and choosing any other option and I’m glad that if my children ever need braces they’ll have such a difference experience from my own!

Straight Talk invisalign infographic

Have you or someone you have known used Invisalign? If so, what was their experience?

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions belong to our family and our genuine experiences with the product.

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