#DIY Mason Jar Ring Crafts – Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

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Mason Jar Ring Crafts – Thanksgiving Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

I love fall, but hate the cost of changing the decor each season!! I was excited when I saw easy mason jar crafts all over pinterest.  I especially liked the post on The Canning Jar Lid Pumpkin!!  I stumbled upon a bag of  50 jar rings for $3 at Goodwill!! Once I found those I knew I needed to make this craft!! I picked up a can of Krylon Spray paint and went to work! This would make a perfect centerpiece to any fall table or Thanksgiving celebration.

Supply List:
20 Regular mouth canning lids
Orange Spray Paint
3-4 Cinnamon Sticks (99 cents at Christmas Tree Shoppes)
Orange Yarn (or string that I spray painted orange)


1. Start by spray painting the lids on each side till they are covered to your liking.  Be sure to allow plenty of time for the    rings to dry.

2.String the lids onto the yarn.  Be sure to have all the lids facing the same the direction.

3. Tie the yarn very tightly

4. Fan rings into desired pumpkin shape.

5.Place the Cinnamon sticks in the center to create the pumpkin stem and allow for a cinnamon scent.

 I have seen this made with no paint, gold paint, white paint and even just brushed lightly with black paint. Let your creativity loose!  Happy Fall Y’all!

Michele Brosius
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