Minimalist Camping

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How to Take a Minimalist Camping Trip

Minimalist Camping

There are definitely times when I look at my trip supplies and think “why on earth did I bring so much STUFF”! Packing can definitely become a gluttonous activity when it comes to camping. The idea that you will be spending most of your time outdoors without some of the comforts of home can immediately send you into packing overdrive in order to compensate (or overcompensate) for being without the usual luxuries. Here you can check out How to Take a Minimalist Camping Trip; there are ways to enjoy the great outdoors without all the hassles and supplies of normal travel or even normal camping trips! A minimalist camping trip is focused on only the necessities and can also be useful for backpacking trips and hiking excursions! Minimalist Camping might not be for everyone and it might not be necessary for all your camping trips but it is definitely an interesting idea and a great way to strip away the unnecessary “fat” of the typical camping trip!

Minimalist Camping is a relatively new idea in terms of popular concepts but if you really think about it is based on the truest form of camping! Today’s technology makes it possible for camping to be just like home only in a different location! We have campers and RV’s that have flat screen tv’s, air conditioning, and even wireless internet. We are able to take these camping trips with modern conveniences that make the trip much more comfortable and desirable at times; these comforts can sometimes cloud the real beauty of camping though. Minimalist camping is a great way to get back to the roots of camping and it can be an awesome way to reconnect with nature, unplug from our constantly connected society, and spend some quality times with our families (or with our own thoughts for a change)!

Tips for Taking a Minimalist Camping Trip:

  • Leave as many electronics at home as possible. I know taking your phone is probably a necessity in case of emergencies but I’d leave it in the car or turn it off until you actually need to make a call or check your calls.
  • Take a tent! Camping in an RV or camper just doesn’t give you the full effect of camping. If the weather is nice you can sleep under the stars and really take in nature’s beauty at it’s finest moment!
  • Pack a journal or a book, leave the laptop or tablet at home. Sometimes it can be really relaxing to actually write your thoughts down on an actual piece of paper! We’re so used to our screens and keyboards that writing with a pen and paper can be a kind of therapeutic experience!
  • Plan some day trips ahead of time. Go for a hike, take a kayaking trip or float on the river in an inner tube, grab your fishing pole and spend some time at the lake; there are tons of activities out there that do not require you to do a lot of traveling, etc.
  • Packing only what you need. Food, water, tent, extra clothes, charcoal or wood for cooking, and so on. You can really have an interesting experience when preparing meals in this different manner. We’re so used to instant meals and quick heat; it can be really fun to cook as a family with an actual fire!
  • Make the whole process an experience. For those of you with small kids this might be the first time they’ve “lived” like this and it can be a really fun and eye opening experience. If you are worried about boredom or frustrations you can always make a game out of it; check in each night, divide into teams, declare winners for each day’s activities, and more! You’d be amazed what stickers and makeshift trophies can do to change a grumpy attitude or an “I want my phone whine”!

Minimalist Camping

The most important thing about minimalist camping is that you don’t get discouraged. Minimalist camping can be a real shock not only for tried and true campers but for anyone who is not used to over-packing, being connected, and home like luxuries. Tenting, sleeping under the stars, unplugging from social media, and just taking an all around step back from society can really be difficult and it’s not meant to be torture! You don’t want to turn a fun idea into a miserable experience so it’s important to remember that everything in moderation is best!

Have you ever taken a minimalist camping trip? Did you enjoy it or was it really difficult? What kind of things did you pack? What did you leave at home on purpose?

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