PPL Power Hour: 11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

PPL Power Hour:  11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity  is part of the  PPL Power Hour Challenge. I am an Project Envolve ambassador partnering to bring you this sponsored post to raise awareness of electric use in our homes.


How do you feel about spending an entire hour with no electricity? There’s no emergency or shortage, just 60 minutes of old-fashioned fun to conserve on your power consumption. It took some coaxing to get my  family  to participate, but after we started the hour went by quicker than we could have imagined. .

All electronics and electricity powered items were off-limits for the whole 60 minutes.  Can you imagine how much electricity we could could collectively conserve with a no power hour each month or even each week?  We had time to plan for our no power hour, but a real power outage would be a completely different story. Our family survived the challenge and we’ll be doing it again soon.

There were plenty of things to keep us occupied during the hour with no power. I am not sure if it was harder on the kids or the adults.  Admittedly we all were glad to have the 60 minutes expire. We’d definitely would not fare well without the power of electricity in our home. The #PPLPowerHour challenge was a good experience that raised our awareness of electricity use. I am certainly more conscious of when and how I use the electricity in our home.

Do you think it would be fun to start a new family tradition and plan an hour with no power each month? We could even get real daring and try it every week.

PPL Power Hour: 11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

My family tends to take electricity for granted. It’s been quite some time since we had a power outage that wasn’t planned. Our emergency supplies are always ready just in case, but a planned no power hour is just a bit different. As we planned and brainstormed activities to occupy our time, it was definitely apparent that we depend a lot on the power of electricity.

Our household consists of three adults that are set in their own “power using” ways. We occasionally have our young nieces visit on weekends, so I wanted our power hour activities to be family friendly. All 11 ideas can be enjoyed by adults or kids.  You could spend the whole hour on one or two ideas, or get creative and do all 11!

11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

  • Color – Let your creativity shine. Coloring is therapeutic and relaxing. Take your time and no one will care if you color outside the lines.11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

  • Write Thank You Notes – Handwritten notes are a dying breed. Take the time to teach children and remind yourself how important the written word is. Sending a thank you or just because note will certainly make someone’s day.
  • Read – Use your time of electric conversation to pick up a good book. Read a chapter book out loud as a family, pick up a classic tale or recite poetry.
  • Play 20 Questions – We play this game a lot in the car, so we decided to try them at home, too. The kids really get a kick out of stumping the adults. It’s a great way to spend an hour. Your mind will get a workout for sure!
  • Look at Old Photos – For some reason we have boxes full of photos. Most of the pictures are at least 20 years old. I never kept up with albums or scrapbook goals like I had planned. Leafing through old photos will bring back plenty of old memories and even create some new ones.
  • Tell Stories – Do your kids know their birth story? Can they tell you things about your family heritage? Take the time to share family history and stories  from past generations. This would be a great time to build a fire and tell scary stories, too.
  • Make Collages – This is a great way to recycle old magazines or those pictures that have been in boxes for years. Pick a theme and get crafty. All you need is glue, magazines and paper. You don’t even need scissors, just rip out the pictures you want and create your masterpiece.


  • Play Games – A no power hour is the perfect time for board or card games. You have a whole 60 minutes so if your brave Monopoly or LIFE can occupy your time. If you don’t have games, make your own. Fun activities like Tic-Tac-Toe, Card Houses, and Pictionary only require some paper and a bit of imagination.
  • Go for a Walk – Get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. If it’s dark out, grab the flashlights or glow sticks and have some extra fun.
  • Clean – You know all those cracks and crevices you’ve been meaning to clean up. Well, now is the time. Dust, clean light switches, door knobs, fans, etc. There’s plenty of work to be done that doesn’t require electricity.
  • Take a Nap – Who couldn’t use a few extra minutes of shut-eye? Whether it’s a 10 minute power nap or you choose to snooze the entire hour, sleep is good!

11 Ways to Occupy Your Time Without Electricity

Scheduling an hour with no power took some creative planning. I wanted to be very strict and think outside the box.  A few of the rules included not touching anything in our home that used the power of electricity. Things like the refrigerator, water, gas stove (it takes electricity for clock and igniters), land line phone, lights, heat, toilet, etc. I am sure you get the picture.

These 11 activities will get you thinking about ways to conserve energy and spend time unplugged. Ar you up for the challenge?  Visit Project Envolve for more great ideas on ways to spend an hour without electricity.

Try the PPL Power Hour Challenge and let us know how would your family spend an hour without electricity.

Be sure to join the Project Envolve Team on April 5th for a fun Twitter Party chatting about our experiences spending an hour unplugged and power free!


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