Online Lactation Consultant Services

Online Lactation Consultant Services

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Online Lactation Consultant Services is that really a thing? Yes it is! Oh how I wish that I could go back in time. The internet has made being a mom a much easier job! Having breastfeeding support in the convenience of your own home is a huge asset for any new mom. Last summer I used Amwell’s Telehealth Service to meet with a nutritionist and was so pleased with the results. When I heard about this new Online Lactation Consultant Services I just had to share this service for new moms. I think you will love it! You can try the service yourself with the discount codes provided in this post.

Online Lactation Consultant Services

The Amwell Online Lactation Consultant Services is available to new moms anytime or anywhere they can login online. Now that technology is so readily available it only makes sense that you can obtain lactation consultant services right in the comfort of your own home. Face it, you just had a baby. You’re tired, stressed and need some grace. Being able to video conference with a board certified lactation consultant that can address your questions and talk you through the good and the bad would be amazing.

As a mom you just can’t wait until the first time you get to meet your newborn baby. You have hopes and dreams for that bundle of joy and you know everything is going to be perfect. But then some things just aren’t perfect. You want to breastfeed your new baby, but you are nervous and unsure of the how and why of it all. Help!

That was me! I was a very young mother. My first son was born when I was just 20 years old. To say I didn’t have a clue what I was doing was an understatement.

I’ve always lived in a rural setting. In the late 80’s I had no internet access or support networks to answer my questions. A nurse tried to show me how to get my son to latch on after birth and a lactation nurse visited my hospital room when my son was already 24 hours old, with a VHS to watch. Questions went unanswered and I pretty much fuddled my way through the whole process. Sore nipples, engorged breasts and the feelings of failure were overwhelming. Having access to an online lactation consultant would have been a lifesaver.

Be sure to watch this Baby Center video that show you the benefits you can gain from of a Lactation Consultant.

Why Use Online Lactation Consultant Services

If you are a new mother, or know a new mother, please let them know about the Amwell Online Lactation Consultant Services. It’s easy to use, maybe covered by some health plans or employer reimbursements.  Lactation video consults allow new mothers to ask questions, address concerns, or get advice concerning breastfeeding and everything that comes along with feeding their newborn. See a lactation consultant for common questions and issues associated with breastfeeding. The lactation services are provided by a network of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). They can provide help on a number of issues such as latching, breast pain due to feeding issues, questions about milk supply, tips for your health and more.

How to Use Online Lactation Consultant Services

Trying the Online Lactation Consultant Services is easy! We even have a special code for you to try it at a 50% discount. Use this Amwell Coupon Code NEWMOM3 to save 50% OFF 2 VISITS. You can use the code  NEWMOM3 to save on your first and second visits. Your first visit is $65 with the Amwell Coupon Code and your second visit is $37.50 with the same coupon code. All codes expire 12/31/17. Enjoy your visits from the comfort of home, no hassle, and convenient for all.

Follow these simple steps to take advantage of the Online Lactation Consultant Services and the discounts.

  • Enroll here –Amwell Lactation Consultant Services.
  • Once you have completed enrollment, you will be taken to the members page. Here on the right hand side there is a sidebar for “my services” scroll all the way down and breastfeeding support is the last option. 
  • Click on breastfeeding support, you will be prompted to VISIT NOW or SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT. If there is a consultant available you will be prompted to fill in some additional information. 
  • Your last step is payment where you enter the Amwell Coupon Code NEWMOM3 and credit card information to hold the appointment. 
  • Please note that you have to put your credit card information in to hold the appointment, then once you log back in for your appointment time you will be prompted to enter the promo code.

This service is going to change the way moms have their healthcare needs met. Meeting with an online lactation consultant lets them schedule and meet when they have the time. Not leaving my house has to be number one favorite part of this service. Please share and tell all of the new and pregnant moms about the online lactation consultant services.

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