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pallet loveQuick, Easy Pallet Sign – DIY Tutorial {or you can order from us 😉 }

So tomorrow I have a baby shower and needed a quick gift… nothing like last minute planning.  I came across a cute sign made from waynes coat and wooden letters that spelled the word LOVE.  I didn’t have time to go to a big box store and buy the exact same supplies… so I decided to use my scrap pallet boards and do it myself.

love sign 2

I cut four boards to about 24 inches and then used my Kreg Jig (A have to have when DIYing) to put my boards together.

love sign 4
Then you sand the boards down so they are smooth with no chance of getting splinters.

love sign 5
I then used leftover white paint that I had in my shop as a base coat for the sign.  By the way, cleaning my brushes took longer than this whole project!

love sign 6
Since I was in a hurry (remember the baby shower is tomorrow morning), I used a blow-dryer to help the paint drying process along.

love sign 7Then the SECRET WEAPON…vaseline petroleum jelly! That’s right, vaseline helps in the distressing process.  Using your finger,  rub vaseline on various parts of the boards; the vaseline makes the paint peel wherever you apply it.. Awesome trick!

love sign 8
I then used a pink paint sample that I bought last week at Lowes… only $3! to put over my base coat. When the paint is dry, use sandpaper (heck, even your nails) and go over the places you put the vasaline. The paint just peels off.

love sign 12
I then used my orbit sander to distress the rest of the sign giving it the “worn” look.

lovesign 11
Next the hard part, drawing on the letters…. My advice, use a pencil to mark first.  I then used the same white paint that I used for the base coat to paint the LOVE. Instead of using a paint brush, use a foam brush (easy clean up and the letters are more even).

pallet love
The last touch; use a black paint marker to trace the word LOVE. Don’t worry, it does not have to be a perfect tracing job.
An easy gift made for a few dollars.

I hope you like our new sign! Be sure to check out all of our reclaimed pallet furniture, headboards and signs on our Etsy page or contact us through our Facebook page for more information here —> Reclaimed.

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