Paper Plate Apple Crafts

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Apple Craft Time With Paper Plates

Using paper plates for crafts is simple and really inexpensive. You can grab white paper plates at most dollar stores for a few bucks! They are great for practicing cutting skills and it only took one plate to make this apple craft!

Apple Crafts can be a ton of of fun to create with the kids!!!  We were lucky to find a photo on Pinterest, but there was no post to go with the photo of this great craft! My daughter and I had a blast making these and they are now proudly displayed on her art wall! I am not very crafty or imaginative so this was perfect for us!!

Paper Plate Apple Crafts Supplies:

  • Paper plates (One per apple)
  • Scissors 
  • Red Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Brown Paint or brown construction paper
  • paint brushes
  • Glue or Staples

Easy Directions to create your craft

  • Cut bites out of the side of the paper plates.  These will become the leaves on the top of the apple
  • Paint the top and bottom of the apple red
  • Use black paint to create your seeds
  • Paint the cut out bites green to make the leaves of the apple 
  • After the paint has dried glue or staple your leaves to the apple.  Then place your stem on it to complete it! 


Apple Craft Time With Paper Plates

Even with such a basic craft the kids can have their own creativity! My daughter decided her whole apple was going to be red!!! Plus it allowed us to work on her pencil grip while she was painting.  We had a discussion about apples and colors while we were making our craft! She counted the seeds and had fun while learning!Apple Craft Time With Paper Plates

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