Planting a Pizza Garden!

Plant a pizza garden and have all the ingredients fresh and ready to use.

Planting a pizza garden is a great way for the entire family to come together and grow something that will be fun to eat at the end of the season. Pizza can actually be a very healthy meal when you add vegetables that you have grown at home to the mix, piling them on to create a delicious veggie pizza. Kids that are normally resistant to trying new foods, and especially vegetables, are eager to grow and make their own pizza dishes at home. If you want to plant a pizza garden, be sure to include these vegetables for the best garden veggie pizza around.

Designing the Garden 

Before you begin choosing and adding plants, decide on the shape of the garden you want to design. If kids are going to be involved in the planting, or just to create something fun, try a round garden. Divide the circle into “pizza” slices that you can plant with each type of vegetable that your family would enjoy on their pizza.


Making tomato sauce to add to pizza is the easiest thing, once you’ve grown the tomatoes. Thankfully, growing tomato plants is pretty straight forward too. Kids can grow their own tomato seedlings indoors in the spring, that are then planted outside when all chances of frost are gone. To grow enough tomatoes for making tomato sauce, you need about 3-4 tomato plants, these can be regular varieties or Roma, but not cherry or grape tomatoes.


Peppers grow at the same rate as tomatoes, so they are a great plant to have in the garden with the tomatoes. Green, bell peppers, or other color varieties are easy to grow from seed, transplant or potted. Peppers need to be kept in a spot where they drain regularly, but are also watered regularly. Plant them around the perimeter of your pizza garden.


Onions need to be planted well ahead of any pepper or tomato plants you will be growing. Depending on how you want to grow your onions, make sure that you are only planting healthy plants and that you give them enough space in the garden to really spread out. For a pizza garden, it’s onion bulb that we want to grow, but nice onion greens are always appreciated too.


 In addition to growing some great herbs, a pizza garden is an ideal way to grow some healthy herbs to that can be used to season any pizza. Traditional basil plants will flourish in dry, drained ground, in full sun. To use it on your pizza, cook it into the pasta sauce or make a great pesto that can be used directly on the crust.


Like basil, oregano is another herb that has the potential to boost the flavor of a fresh garden pizza. Oregano can be added to the sauce while it is cooking or diced and sprinkled onto any pizza. Because it is a fast spreader, a potted plant is a smart idea, but it can also be grown directly in the garden, where there is plenty of space for it to spread out unchecked.

I hope your garden is sucessful and your family gets to eat a lot of Pizza loaded with yummy vegetables. What’s your favorite pizza topping?

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