Easy Ranch Flavored Popcorn to Make at Home

Easy Ranch Flavored Popcorn is sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I don’t know about you, but anything ranch flavored seems to be the taste of choice in our home. From burgers to dip to popcorn ranch just makes it better. it’s no secret that I love popcorn, so this recipe is definitely a new favorite. Making this Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoned Popcorn was so easy and tastes great.

Do you know what makes these recipes so easy? The Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker! Adding a delicious ranch taste to weeknight meals or snacks just got easier. Quick and easy is important to this busy family and I bet it is to you too!

Now that May is over, it’s the official start of summer. I know the calendar says different, but when the weather turns warmer, it’s good enough to be my kind of summer. From beach trips to family movie nights, this recipe for Hidden Valley Seasoned Popcorn makes a tasty snack that can easily feed a crowd.

The Hidden Vally website has so many great recipes that will make your weeknight meals not only quick but delicious too!

On the Hidden Vally site, you will find recipes for Ranch Buffalo Wings, Ranch Burgers, and even Hasselback Ranch Chicken. If you happen to be following a Keto eating plan you can use the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker for recipes like Keto Cauliflower Cheese Casserole or Cast Iron Keto Ranch Chicken Thighs. There is definitely a ranch inspired recipe to fit everyone’s tastes.

When I was growing up my brother’s put Hidden Valley Ranch on EVERYTHING! If we ever ran out, it was not a good night. Now you can keep the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker on hand at all times. No more disappointments when you can’t add ranch flavor to your meals and snacks.

Just shake on the ranch and eat up!

We followed the recipe on the Hidden Valley website to make this delicious seasoned popcorn recipe.

You will need a bowl full of popped popcorn. I used my air popper but you can use any method you choose.

Butter. Make sure it’s real butter. None of that fake stuff for this recipe.

Hidden Valley Ranch Shaker.

Pop the popcorn, top with butter and shake on the ranch! Yum! This is the perfect snack for on-the-go or at home. I always have popcorn when I am binge watching some of my favorite shows.

I can’t wait to try the Hidden Valley Ranch Shaker on pretzels, too! It’s great to have the shaker on hand to season all of our family favorites anytime we choose.

What is your favorite ranch flavored food?

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