Repurpose Glass Bottles into Hair Tie Holders!

Repurpose Glass Bottles

Repurpose Glass Bottles into Hair Tie Holders!! I wish I had thought of these years ago my girls loved making these the best part it didn’t cost me much money! We found these beautiful blue bottles left behind in a case on the side of the road of our subdivision.  I grabbed them to recycle and my oldest mentioned to bad we couldn’t do a craft with them since they were so pretty.   We decided to peel off the labels (They are some sort of Bud Light we are not beer drinkers and I honestly didn’t look close at the label) and run them through the dishwasher.  Most of the sticky residue disappeared and we were ready to carry on!

Quick Steps to Repurpose Glass Bottles into Hair Tie Holders:

  1. Gather up your bottles.   I sent an email to friends and family now asking for colorful bottles.   I am hoping someone will give me green bottles for Christmas project
  2. Gather up your  hair ties either one set of color.    This would work well with fluffier hair ties as well on the bottles.  
  3. Start rolling your hair ties on to the bottle!! My girls did this part i just pushed them together.
  4. Decorate your bottle with stickers, glitter, paint, flowers, signs etc!

 We have given these to other women in our family as gifts and they loved them!! My girls are now excited to put their hair ties away at the end of the day!! 

What have you done to repurpose glass bottles before? 

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