Save Money Thrift Shopping

How To Save Money Thrift Shopping

One of the biggest expenses in a growing family comes from providing your family with clothing.  Kids go through clothes fast as they grow up, but we have some great tips on How To Save Money Thrift Shopping.  Frugal living and thrift shopping go hand in hand.  Not only can you get great clothing at a fraction of the price, you can often provide your family with brand name quality products.

Shop in the off season.  One of the best ways to save even more money at a thrift shop is to shop for clothing in the off season.  Shop for summer items in fall and winter, or shop for winter items in spring and summer.  While most thrift shops don’t do big clearance, you will often find a better selection since items are off season.  This is great for stocking up, and if you have a Goodwill store nearby make sure to ask if they have special discount days that make this even better.

Donate and earn credits.  Some small local thrift shops will offer credits toward purchases when you donate.  This can be a great way to get rid of your old junk and have free money to buy new items for your family.  Don’t forget that thrift shops carry items other than just clothing.  You can find great deals on books, music, movies, furniture and kitchen supplies.

Get picky about purchases.  You can afford to be a bit picky about what you buy at a thrift shop.  Look items over well for tears, stains or missing buttons or pieces.  Watch for the items that are in the best shape.  Goodwill is great to shop at since all items in one category are the same price regardless of brand.  Other thrift shops may price items differently, but still at great rates compared to what regular full price would be.

Save money thrift shopping for everything from kids clothing to holiday decor.  Frugal living by thrift shopping is one of the best ways you can save money easily without giving up on quality.  There are tons of treasures to be found in thrift shops.  Take the time to search for the best items at great low prices for your family to stay in budget.

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