Small Batch Cooking Pecan Pie Recipe

This post Small Batch Cooking Pecan Pie Recipe was sponsored by PPL Electric Utilities as part of their Project Envolve Ambassador program. All opinions expressed in the post are my own honest experiences. So technically this recipe may not be a pie. It’s more of a bar, but I am calling a pie.   Who says pie slices can’t be square? The recipe is delicious, but you will be amazed at how much time and money you can save with small batch cooking! This year, we’ll be spending a lot of our holiday celebrations in smaller gatherings. You may be surprised, but that makes me really happy. It means I will be spending less time in the kitchen cooking and baking. Being able to prepare our holiday dishes with small batch cooking recipes means I can be present. I’ll have more time to live in the moment! Small batch cooking! This is my new found love.  Cooking and baking our meals in smaller sizes.  When you go from cooking for five to cooking for two, it takes a bit of time to get adjusted to cooking less. Small Batch Cooking Saves Energy This was a light bulb moment for me! Why … Continue reading Small Batch Cooking Pecan Pie Recipe