Stockpiling With After Christmas Sales



Stockpiling With After Christmas Sales


I love after Christmas sales at the big box stores like Walmart and Target as well as the drugstore clearance sales!!   Each year I grab wrapping paper and supplies for the next year as well as holiday decorations, eve better you can get groceries on clearance just because they are packaged holiday.  (Personally green frosting taste the same as white in our house )

Items to Watch for At Post Christmas Sales:

  1. Wrapping items – special holiday paper, tape, bows, scissors, gift bags, and tissue papers will all go up to 90% off post holiday! I look try to look for character paper that isn’t clearly Christmas and use it for birthday wrapping as well.   Also plain colored gift bags are great to grab we let the kids draw on them for birthday gifts!  (Plus look for bows to create a -> bow wreath as a gift for next Christmas)
  2. Kitchen storage – Ziploc containers and ziploc bags also get included in the post holiday markdowns.  I use them year round to freeze baked goods or to pass off leftovers to friends and family after get togethers.   My daughter also has ziploc bowls she stores barbie accessories in from this past summers markdowns.
  3. Groceries – Any holiday packaging is also included in most the markdowns.  I love grabbing the different bread kits, cookies, sprinkles, frostings, and other groceries at dirt cheap prices!!   Be sure to use the price scanner alot while in the store to check the prices!! Plus be sure to go through your coupons often you can stack some coupons with the clearance prices to save even more money!  Be sure to keep an eye for candy
  4. Holiday Decorations –  I have been purchasing Christmas lights on clearance for years!! Last year I did the best at Rite Aid for grabbing new lights for our roof.  I also try to pick up new ornaments for the kids tree the following year, as well as window clings. This year I am hunting for  a new Christmas tree on markdown this weekend
  5. Clothing – I grab the holiday for my kids on clearance every year! I grab the size larger for them plus often they include tights and leggings in the sale for the girls that aren’t completely Christmas that they can use year round.   Be sure to look for hair accessories as well to grab for next year or for use year round.
  6. Housewares – Bedding, towels, wash clothes, plates, glasses,and  table clothes with a holiday theme are included as well and a great time to grab for the next year.  I have found plain colored or very hard to tell it was Christmas items.
  7. Toys – Often toys in the stocking stuffer aisle get marked down fast as well and make great gifts for kids birthdays.  Very little off the packaging is often Christmasy or you can open the package and create a gift bag full.
  8. Bath Soap Sets and Crosmetics – The big sets of bath body was, perfumes, and lotions as well as different cosmetics sets are included in the clearance sale as well.  I love the baskets the bath sets come in, they can be repurposed for things around the house or to create another gift in.
  9. Stocking Stuffers – All the cute pencils, erasers, notebooks, and little christmas toys are great to grab this year for next years stockings.  We have a bin of holiday towels I always stash these in, the kids have no interest in the bin and I have a  chance to re stash them before Christmas.
  10. Storage containers – Christmas storage containers generally are marked down not as steep as the other clearance but can be a great deal.  Stores also have beginning of the year organizing sales as well with different storage containers on sale as well.
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