Summer Travel Essentials for a Multitasker

Summer Travel Essentials for a Multitasker is a sponsored conversation for SheSpeaks / P&G however all opinions are my own…they don’t care whether or not I shave my legs in the summer, just like the dogs (true love).

I’m not a highly complicated creature. Give me a cooler, my beach chair, and a good book and I’ll be out of your hair for hours! Summer is the one time of the year that I don’t typically like to do a lot of traveling. It’s hot, messy, BUSY, and these are not my favorite adjectives. The one trip I make an exception for during the summer months is the beach. My husband will happily attest to the misery that becomes our lives when I’ve missed out on a couple of days with my toes in the sand. There’s just something about the ocean that calms my hectic spirit and allows me to truly calm down. One of my main challenges for this single, short, summer trip, is packing. Carving time out of a busy schedule, saving money, finding a sitter for the dogs, finding a sitter for our 10 rabbits, heck I could find someone to weed the garden and clean the gutters if I had to! What I have struggled with since the beginning of (my)time is packing effectively. Summer travel essentials are elusive little creatures but I’m pretty sure I’ve finally found the perfect items for the list…and it’s short!

Traveling in the summer is a game all its own! These summer travel essentials will have you stocked and ready for whatever your summer fun throws at you!

Summer Travel Essentials for a Multitasker:

Hair Elastics

Hair elastics are the lifeblood of my beauty routine when it comes to hair…I have a MANE. My hair is long, I have always kept it that way and I love it; the summer is not always the most convenient time to have long hair.  When you throw the monumental thickness and some salt water into the mix the day can easily become disastrous. I squirrel hair elastics into every pouch, car knob, backpack, cooler, makeup case, and overnight bag that I possibly can when gathering summer travel essentials. It’s great because they double as rubber bands! I’ve closed many bags of gummy bears with hair elastics!


No summer travel essentials list would be complete without sunblock. I used to let my mom worry about the sun protection. She would spend half the vacation following us around with bottles and tubes of sunscreen, smearing us down and covering us up with oversized t-shirts and blankets when napped on the beach. Now that I’m a fully grown and semi-responsible adult I have to take care of my own skin…can you even imagine?!?! That being said I don’t leave home without sunblock. I love sunblock lotions because they keep me moisturized. I’ve used the spray on types in the past but they dry out my already struggling skin! Using the lotions in a cream form really seems to help keep my skin feeling hydrated which means I don’t have to pack sixteen different kinds of lotions and body creams!

Lip Balm

The lips are the first thing to show it when you are not getting enough fluids! I hate having scratchy lips so I typically have about 27 lip balms floating around in my purse, car, kitchen, etc. When it comes to summer travel essentials lip balm is a must BUT it has to be tough! No typical lip balm with do the trick;  you need something with an SPF for sun protection and something that won’t melt as soon as you leave the house! These are invaluable tips that you will be so happy you read, no doubt. Keep your lip balm in the cooler. I do this not only to protect my strange, melting, delicious friend but also because it feels so nice on a scorching day to put on some chilled lip balm. Another great way to make sure you always have lip balm with a high SPF is to use sunblock sticks. They usually  make them for babies and there are some great all natural options which makes it super easy to pack, use, and find!

Traveling in the summer is a game all its own! These summer travel essentials will have you stocked and ready for whatever your summer fun throws at you!

Venus & Olay Razors

You can’t go strutting your stuff on the beach with stubbly legs…Okay you CAN but I don’t recommend it. Venus & Olay razors are amazing. Not only do I get super soft and silky legs but they pack a moisturizing punch in a tiny package WITHOUT shave cream or gel! They’re the ultimate Summer Travel Essentials item and what is better than lather, shave, and moisturize all in one?!? Nothing. If you aren’t quite into the mulitasker life you can still get amazingly soft legs with Venus razors. The #ChooseYourSmooth campaign is awesome and it makes so much sense! There is a Venus razor for every personality; the Venus Swirl razor for the perfectionists, Venus & Olay for the multitaskers, and the Venus Disposable for all you on-the-go girls. They all contour to your curves to avoid nicks, with multiple blades you are sure to get an amazingly close shave, and everyone loves rubbing their super soft legs against the sheets at night, right?!? That can’t be just me!

Exfoliating Soap Pouch

This one might seem a little odd but trust me; you don’t have to use it as a soap pouch, you can use it with your favorite shave gel or you can use it with the free hotel soap! No matter how you choose to use it you get an added benefit…scrubbing power. After a long day out in the sun sweating, slathering myself in sunblock, swimming in the ocean, and rolling around in the sand, I need an exfoliator that is going to get the job done. Using the exfoliating soap pouch in either method gives you a little extra scrubbing power. Cleaning all of that junk out of my pores keeps my skin looking and feeling flawless even after an entire day of putting it through the wringer.

Traveling in the summer is a game all its own! These summer travel essentials will have you stocked and ready for whatever your summer fun throws at you!


I’m not just adding this one in here because I love collecting and sporting sunglasses all the time. It’s serious business out there in the hot summer sun. I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that sunglasses are a must have for any summer travel essentials list. Keep those pretty eyes shaded and protected with a pair of dark sunglasses on your next summer trip. They have the added bonus of making it hard to tell if you are sleeping, staring at the life guards, or playing at being totally aloof when the salesperson wants to take an unflattering photo of you…with your family or friends…for an exorbitant price…with a hefty dose of guilt thrown on top.

I love that no matter where I go I can usually find a Walmart. Despite my best efforts there is a good chance I’ll forget at least one of these items when I leave for ANY trip. It’s no big deal because one quick stop means I can get all my Summer Travel Essentials for a Multitasker in one location, at everyday low prices!

If you’d like to learn more about the Choose Your Smooth campaign you can check out all of their cool social media channels! There’s tons of tips, tricks, and ideas on how to get the most out of your summer! #ChooseYourSmooth and get those gorgeous legs out there for some fun in the sun!

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    Jo-Ann Brightman
    July 27, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    I agree with your list of essentials. I sometimes forget the lip balm, but I usually have an extra in my purse. The cooler is important to keep both lotions, sticks and drinks cool.

  • Reply
    August 12, 2016 at 11:41 am

    We had a beach vacation this year. Your essentials list is helpful! I didn’t think to keep my lipbalm in the cooler. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty Hope to see you back!

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