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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Red Cross. All opinions are 100% mine.


No one ever plans on being part of a disaster or disater relief efforts. But it happens. It happens all day long to many of our own family and friends across this country. We all probably know someone who has received disaster relief support from the American Red Cross. Unfortunately, I have a personal experience to share. My brother and his family suffered a devastating house fire. Him, his wife, children and dog were all able to escape. Thankfully, there was no loss of life, but their home and all of their belongings were completely destroyed in the fire. That was the first experience my family had receiving financial assistance from the American Red Cross.

Did you know that fire victims can receive financial support from the American Red Cross for emergency housing, food and clothing? Loss from fire is only one of the many reasons why American Red Cross Giving Day is so important.  My brother and his family needed immediate assistance on the day they lost their home to a fire. That quick response, comfort and support makes a huge difference to those burdened with tremendous losses.

Support Disaster Relief American Red Cross Giving Day

Nearly every eight minutes, the American Red Cross meets a family that has lost everything to a home fire or other disaster—the roof over their heads, their clothes, their most cherished possessions. Now it’s your turn to make an impact. You can help the American Red Cross help those disaster victims. Your gift of  just $88.50 can provide a family with a day’s worth of food, plus blankets and other essentials. On March 28, unite with thousands of people just like you on American Red Cross Giving Day to make a difference.  If everyone could just #help1family and make a gift on Giving Day, think of the difference it could make. I am a firm believer in the saying, “Together we can make each other better.” GIVE NOW

Support Disaster Relief American Red Cross Giving Day

In our community the American Red Cross is busy helping save lives through a grant program. Right now you can find local volunteers visiting homes and installing free smoke detectors. I personally know several of the American Red Cross volunteers supporting this much needed program.  I live in a resource stressed area. Many families and elderly individiuals do not have working smoke detectors in their homes. That free smoke detector that is being provided to these individuals could one day save a life or lives of many.

Support Disaster Relief American Red Cross Giving Day

Your financial donation to the American Red Cross Giving Day will make a difference too. Join together with me, your friends and family to support American Red Cross Giving Day. Wednesday, March 28, 2018 is your day to help and support others facing natural disasters and home fires with a donation.

Are you ready to help ease the burden of disaster and home fire victims with a financial donation?  Your donations now will support Red Cross Giving Day which is raising money to help support families after disaster big and small. GIVE NOW

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