The Top Five Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Do you work in an office or behind a desk? If so, these Top Five Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk are going to change your life! Well, change your life may be a strong statement, but it will definitely open your eyes to the ways to stay healthy at work and home. I received a Standing Desk Converter from FlexiSpot to help me write this post. All opinions shared are based on my own experiences.

The Top Five Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

First off, a Standing Desk is a tool you can use to improve your health. It’s just like any other piece of equipment, you have to use it for it to work.

  1. Using a standing desk can help you move more. Use the standing desk to regulate how much you sit, stand or move around during the day. My best tip is to use a timer. I make sure I get up from my desk once every hour and stretch, walk and get a drink of water. Sitting or standing in one place for too long isn’t a healthy choice. Use your desk in the sitting and standing positions off and on throughout the day. You’ll eventually find the balance that works for you and your body. Don’t forget whether you are sitting or standing you can always find ways to move more!
  2. A standing desk can help you improve productivity. I don’t know about you, but when my hips or back start to ache or my attention span shortens I need to change positions. Being comfortable and efficient at the same time is a great reason to use a standing desk.
  3. Do you suffer from tech neck? A standing desk can ease the symptoms. It’s important to find the right position on a standing desk that works for you. A Flexispot Standing Desk adjusts easily with a push of the handle and locks securely in place. I am using a sit-stand desk converter. It sits right on top of my existing desk. Just use the easy handle to adjust it up and down throughout the day with ease. I am kind of sad I waited this long to try out a standing desk. Being able to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day has been great. 
  4. Healthy circulation is very important and a standing desk can help improve it. Staying in one position for hours at a time isn’t good for your health or circulation. Using a standing desk will have you moving more, therefore helping to get that blood pumping and circulating in your body.
  5. Feeling blah? A standing desk can help prevent fatigue. When you first start using a standing desk, you may experience fatigue. To fight that off be sure to wear good shoes. I keep my sneakers on at my desk. I am also going to be investing in a good ergonomic mat for under my feet. As you adjust and use your standing desk properly you will see that being able to change positions and move around will combat fatigue and make you more aware of your productivity.

Have you considered using a standing desk?

No matter how you choose to use a standing desk, find the one that is right for you. You don’t want a standing desk to just be another piece of wellness equipment you aren’t using.

FlexiSpot has so many options to choose from. You can get the Standing Desk Converter like I have, Electric Height Adjustable Desk, Desk Bikes and more!

I am sure you will be able to find the perfect standing desk to fit your needs. Don’t forget to share with your work teams and human resources departments about the benefits of you and all of your co-workers using a standing desk in the workplace.

Which FlexiSpot Standing Desk would you choose?

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