Tips For Camping With Babies

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Heading out with the family to camp is part of many great summer family memories. These tips for camping with babies will make it much easier if you have a little one with you. Just because you have a young child along for the trip doesn’t mean you can’t all have a great and easy time. A few simple adjustments and you’ll find it is much easier than you expected.

Tips For Camping With Babies

Camping with babies is fun. Here's a few tips to keep you little one entertained and you sane.

Take the pack and play.

This is ultimately going to be the best choice. A pack and play or playpen is the most compact and functional way to keep your baby safe and occupied while at a campground. This is especially great for those who aren’t at the walking stage yet. A pack and play can double as their bed for naps, bedtime sleep, and a place to play when you are doing things like preparing food or cleaning up after meals.

Pack extra diapers and wipes.

In this case, bringing too many is a good thing. Especially wipes. While you rarely expect to need more, it is much better to have the extra diapers and wipes on hand than to find yourself without and struggling to make a trip to town for them in the middle of your camping trip.

Bring along a small kiddie pool.

There will be hot days where your other kids may want to play in the water, go for a walk, or go fishing. You may not feel comfortable taking your baby into lake water, but you can easily fill a small kiddie pool with water at your campsite for them to splash and stay cool in. Make sure you are in the pool or beside it monitoring the entire time.

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StStick to the regular sleep schedule.

Stick to a regular sleeping schedule.

This is really important for little ones. Even if you may be staying up later or doing things differently, do the best you can to keep them on their regular sleep and feeding schedules. They will need to maintain a routine so they don’t get super cranky or frustrated on longer or hotter days at a campsite.

Baby wearing.

One of the best things to gain popularity over the last few years is baby wearing. Using various baby wraps that hold your baby against your chest or back can help in many ways. Not only will your child be next to you and feel loved and cared for, your hands will be free to continue any tasks you may need or want to accomplish.

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Going on a family camping trip will strengthen family bonds and create amazing memories that you will cherish for years to come. These tips for camping with babies are just the beginning. Planning meals in advance and having food prepped before you arrive at camp can be a huge help! Don’t forget you can always enlist older siblings for help (they’ll look back fondly on this time spent with their younger siblings) and it’s even possible to bring along the electronics and chargers in most cases. Plan ways to enjoy the time with your family, including your baby.

Do you have any tips for camping with babies?

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