Toilet Paper Roll Hearts Craft

Toilet Paper Roll HeartsAll of my kids love to paint!   They think its even better when they paint with something besides a paint brush!!!  With Valentines day around the corner it’s the perfect time to create toilet paper roll hearts!! The kids squeezed their rolls differently to create different heart forms on the paper and had fun comparing them. 

How to Create Toilet Paper Roll Hearts:

  • Gather up your supplies of paint, empty toilet paper rolls, and paper
  • Press down the middle of your roll to create your heart.   The kids went through a couple rolls from over bending them and making the different hearts. 
  • Then press the end paint and press the painted end on the paper.   We had to roll some to make sure the roll touched the paper everywhere to complete the heart.

Another great way to reuse toilet paper rolls is to make -> Toilet Paper Birdfeeders!!  Be sure to follow us on ->Pinterest!!


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