Washing Machine Cleaner Only 2 Ingredients!

Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing machine cleaner! Did you ever realize that your washing machine needs to be cleaned and it can help you clean your clothes better?? We had some clothes start to not smelling not so fresh so I started doing some research.  There is a super frugal way to do it, and I had everything in my house already!! The plus side it will remove the bacteria can build up inside your tub and gaskets which will make your clothes stinky.

Washing Machine Cleaner Directions:

2 cups white vinegar or lemon juice
2 Tablespoons dish washing liquid

If you have a bleach or fabric softener dispenser be sure to wipe those out I will soak use a rag soaked in the vinegar to clean this part.
Pour the ingredients into the washing machine and run the washer with no clothes in a cycle of  HOT water.
 After the cycle runs and is done open the lid and allow to dry completely.  

Our clothes smelled great after having cleaned our washing machine!! I plan to do this every couple of months to keep it clean!

I love making my own cleaning solutions, it is a definite way to save money and the environment! Do you make any of your own cleaners?



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