Ways to Fix Funny Smelling Water

Why You Might Have Funny Smelling Water (and How to Fix It)

Ways to Fix Funny Smelling Water

Have you ever poured yourself a glass of water from the faucet, only to take a sip and realize that it smelled or tasted a little bit—off? This has happened to me on more times than I’d like to admit.  Funny smelling drinking water is something I definitely want to avoid at all costs. 

Our family consumes a fair amount of drinking water. We have our own well, so I make frequent trips to the faucet. In the warmer months I always have a jug of ice cold water in the refrigerator that gets filled up often. It’s definitely a red flag when we end up with funny smelling water.

Unfortunately, it’s not an unusual problem. In fact, in the last 13 years, 62 million Americans have taken a sip of water that doesn’t meet a government health guideline. That can be problematic. Water is essential to our daily living and if we end up drinking funny smelling water who knows what kind of illnesses you may contract. 

Ways to Fix Funny Smelling Water

The problem is two-fold: The regulations that determine which chemicals are acceptable in drinking water haven’t been updated in nearly 20 years. And there are tens of thousands of chemicals in drinking water, of which not even 100 are regulated. Seems like it is well past time for an overhaul of regulations. In the United States there should be no reason for funny smelling water. Let’s get proactive and help make a change. 

So what are the common “off” flavors and smells in water? It varies due to source and cause. Some are gasses trapped in the supply lines. Some is bacteria. And some are simply compounds that for various reasons have reached untenable levels.

If you do have funny smelling water or an odd or unusual  taste in your water, what should you do? The answers may be easier than you think. 

Waterlogic created this in-depth infographic that should help you solve the funny smelling water problems that may be plaguing you.


Why Your Drinking Water Is Funky or Foul (and How to Fix It)

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