20 Weight Watchers Low Point Snacks – Under 3 Points!

You’ve made the decision to follow the Weight Watchers program and have learned how to calculate points, but you still have to account for snacks.

We are sharing a list of Weight Watchers snacks under 3 points.

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Crunchy Honey Roasted Cereal comes with 90% or 16.2 mg iron and 100% of Vitamin B12.

Weight Watchers Approved Snacks Blue Plan:

Chobani No Fat Vanilla Yogurt: 1 4oz carton Nonfat Yogurt is 2 points. Some brands may vary, look for unsweetened, plain nonfat varieties! This goes for Greek yogurt as well.

NABISCO 100 CALORIE PACK CHEESE NIPS: 1 pack is only 3 points. SUNFLOWER SEEDS: 1 tablespoon shelled sunflower seeds is only 1 point.

Salty Weight Watchers Snacks for Blue Plan

AIR POPPED POPCORN: 3 cups without butter or seasoning is only 3 points. FRUIT ROLL UP: These classics from childhood are only 2 points each.

JELLO & COOL WHIP: 1 Cup Sugar-Free Jello with 2 Tablespoons Sugar-Free or Reduced Fat Cool Whip is less than 2 points

Sweet Treats For Blue Plan

SUGAR-FREE PUDDING CUP – Snack Pack brand is just 3 points per cup. This is great when you are craving chocolate and don’t want to use all the points of a candy bar.

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