Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

This is a great dessert for when you need something sweet but don’t want to blow your points budget on something super heavy or unhealthy!


-Chickpeas -Almond Butter -Brown Sugar -Almond Milk -Vanilla Extract -Cream Cheese -Sprinkles


Put the chickpeas in a food processor, blend until smooth.

Add the powdered almond butter, brown sugar, almond milk, vanilla extract, and the cream cheese cubes.

Top with sprinkles and serve, each serving is about 4 Tablespoons or 1/4 cup.

Don’t worry, this is an edible cookie dough that is not just safe to eat but also healthy and perfectly suitable for Weight Watchers.

No matter which plan you are on this awesome dessert is a sweet treat that is low in points and easy to work into your meal plan. 

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