Elf on the Shelf Rules for Adults

There are unwritten rules when it comes to the Elf on the Shelf. Some people are savage about setting up the Elf on the Shelf, but around here I like to establish rules and boundaries with Elf on the Shelf rules for adults.

Elf on the Shelf rules are there to help everyone create fun Elf on the Shelf ideas for adults that everyone can laugh about for years to come. Check out these Elf on the Shelf rules for adults!

If you’re going to go through the trouble of doing Elf on the Shelf pranks for adults, then you must document the fun. This is one of the Elf on the Shelf rules for adults.

Document the Fun


Take a picture of the prank and share it with others, all in good fun, of course. We don’t want anyone getting embarrassed!

Part of the Elf on the Shelf rules for adults is that everyone is surprised. Once you lay out the perfect Elf on the Shelf plan, don’t go telling everyone else about it. Wait for them to be surprised.


Surprise Everyone

Another important Elf on the Shelf rule for adults is to respect other people’s privacy.


Respect Other People’s Privacy

You don’t want to do anything that would hurt feelings or cause animosity among your friends. Try really hard to come up with pranks that won’t invade privacy or make anyone else uncomfortable.

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