How Does Elf on the Shelf Work for Adults

If you are looking to understand how does Elf on the Shelf work for adults, then you’ve come to the right place. An Elf on the Shelf is a tradition that happens around the holiday season.

Typically, the parent or adult in the house will set the elf out for the child. The elf is usually caught up in some kind of mischief, but the kids can’t touch the elf at all.

The elf is here to keep an eye on the kids around the holiday season. So, how does Elf on the Shelf work for adults?

The first step to having the Elf on a Shelf as an adult is to pick out an Elf. You can choose whatever Elf you want. If you’d like a boy elf or a girl elf, you can!

Pick Out an Elf


The next part of how an elf on the shelf works for an adult is to choose a name! Your elf can have a fun name or a boring name, it’s whatever you choose for it.

Choose the Name


When you are doing the Elf on the Shelf as an adult, you are the one who has to come up with fun ideas and make them come to reality.


Make a List of Fun Ideas


The Elf on the Shelf for adults is now coming to life. You can execute all of these fun elf on the Shelf ideas for adults right away! Remember you can keep them as silly, fun, or exciting as you’d like.

Execute the Ideas

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