How to Keep a Real Christmas Tree Alive Longer!

If this is the first year you will be having a live tree you might be wondering what it will take to keep the tree looking great and alive all season long. It’s not complicated, I promise!

These are some of the best ways that I’ve found to keep a real tree alive longer.

Trim The Trunk When You Get Home

If you are picking up a tree that was cut some time before you purchased it, you need to trim an inch or so off the bottom of the trunk when you get it home.

An Aspirin In The Water Every time you add water to the stand, make sure to drop an aspirin in too. Some may think it an old wives tale, it has worked for many people to help plant life of all kind.

Trim away any dead or dying branches that are sucking moisture and food from the tree. This helps it look better and extends the life of the tree.

Trim Away Dead Branches

Don’t place your tree near vents, stoves or heat sources. Not only is it a fire hazard, the warm dry air can zap moisture from the tree making it die and dry out.

Keep Your Tree Away From Heat Sources

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