25 Naughty Elf on the Shelf Ideas

These are 25 of the best naughty Elf on the Shelf ideas. They’re fun and funny for when you want to get your elf into a little bit of trouble.

If you need some out of the box ideas that will keep your elf entertaining and fun you will want to check out these naughty elf on the shelf ideas.

There’s no need for an elf on the shelf slump when you have these hysterical ideas for all the ways that your elf can cause trouble.

• Elfie Cleans The Toilet With Your Toothbrush • Elfie Drinks All The Syrup • Elfie Uses All The Bubble Bath • Elfie Plays Your Favorite Video Game • Elfie Colors Your Coloring Books

• Elfie Gets Chocolate Wasted On Hershey’s Kisses • Elfie Gets Stuck In The Cheese Puffs • Elfie Makes A Bed Using Toilet Paper • Elfie Goes Fishing In The Fish Tank

• Elfie Hosts Poker Night With The Kids Action Figures • Elfie Puts Mustache Stickers On All The Family Photos • Elfie Draws On Dad’s Face While He Sleeps

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