Sausage Pierogie Campfire Foil Packets

One of our favorite ways to cook is with campfire foil packets. It's nice to be able to cook your whole meal in one little package.

Starting the campfire foil packets with the Johnsonville fully cooked chicken sausage ensures that dinner is ready quickly and tastes great too.


– Italian Chicken Sausage – Butter – Snap Peas – Pierogies – Sweet Pepper


1. Start with a large sheet of aluminum foil and a same size piece of parchment paper.

2. Top the parchment paper with a small pat of butter. Add your preferred ingredients.

3. Be sure to seal the edges of your campfire foil packets tightly.

4. Place on campfire or grill turn after 10 mins and cook an additional 10 minutes. Open packets carefully.

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