Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

Making a Thanksgiving cheese ball will be a new tradition after you see how fun and easy it is with this recipe. A cute little turkey that everyone will love to eat!

Of course you can also make one that you don’t decorate but this one is so much fun with the turkey theme for Thanksgiving.


- Low fat cream cheese - Cheddar cheese - Pecans - Pretzel sticks - Pretzel rod - Candy eyes


Cream the softened cream cheese in a stand mixer for a few minutes Add the shredded cheese and mix for 1-2 minutes until fully incorporated.

Using your hands, gently form the cheese mixture into a ball. Place the cheese ball in a sheet of plastic wrap.

Place the ball in the refrigerator for a at least 2 hours to firm up.

Remove the cheese ball from the fridge. Open the plastic wrap and gently roll it in the chopped pecans, fully coating the exterior of the ball.

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