How To Thaw A Turkey

Thawing the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner may slip your mind  with all of the preparations going on for the family dinner.

There are two other ways to thaw a turkey. You can use the cold water method or the microwave.

How to Thaw a Turkey Safely In The Fridge Method

When you remove the turkey from the freezer keep the turkey in its plastic wrapper.

Allow about 24 hours for ever 5 pounds of turkey following the time table below as a guideline.  Remember that you can keep the turkey in the refrigerator for a day or two extra once its thawed.

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Thawing a turkey in cold water requires a bit more action on the cooks part. Again keep the turkey in the wrapper and allow 30 Minutes per pound for the turkey to soak in cold water.

How to Thaw a Turkey Safely In The Cold Water Method:

When choosing to use the microwave to thaw your turkey it’s important to use the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to cook the turkey as soon as it has thawed.

Thawing Turkey Safely In The  Microwave Method:

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Planning a few days ahead of time will save you time and no one will have to eat frozen turkey for Thanksgiving, You did it! You thawed that turkey safely and you’re ready to cook a fabulous meal.

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