Tips and Tricks For Keeping a Real Christmas Tree Alive

Every year we bundle up and head out to the local tree farm to pick out a great real Christmas tree to put up in our house.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as they smell, and as homey as they feel they often die rather quickly.

Today I’m sharing some great tips on How To Keep A Real Christmas Tree Alive Longer.

– Live Tree Stand With Large Water Capacity – Miracle Gro For Christmas Trees – Christmas Tree Watering Funnel – Tree Shears


If you are picking up a tree that was cut some time before you purchased it, you need to trim an inch or so off the bottom of the trunk when you get it home.


Trim The Trunk When You Get Home

This gets rid of any dead trunk as well as opens up the tree to absorb more moisture when you place it in the stand. This will freshen it up and keep it lively longer.


Every time you add water to the stand, make sure to drop an aspirin in too. While some may think it an old wives tale, it has worked for many people to help plant life of all kinds to last longer.

An Aspirin In The Water

Trim away any dead or dying branches that are sucking moisture and food from the tree. This helps it look better and extends the life of the tree.


Trim Away Dead Branches

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