Weight Watchers Chicken Bowl Recipe

These chicken bowls are layered with amazing flavors, textures, and ingredients. Try out this easy and WW-friendly dinner recipe today! It’s perfect for Weight Watchers as well!

This recipe uses the Instant Pot to make quick work of a family friendly dinner recipe.


- Chicken Breast - Bok Choy - Snow Peas - Water - Rice Wine Vinegar - White Miso


1. First, put the steamer basket or accessory into the Instant Pot, add 3/4 cups of water and put the chicken breasts in the basket.

2. Pressure cook on High Pressure setting for 8 minutes. Make sure to press cancel when the timer goes off and do a quick release of the pressure.

3. Take off the lid when the pressure is released and check the internal temperature. Chicken must reach 165 degrees F to be completely cooed.

4. Once the chicken is done, move it to the cutting board to be sliced for the bowls!

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