Weight Watchers Citrus and Cranberry Ham

Simple Acres bringing you a classic recipe perfect for the colder holiday season!


- orange juice - canned cranberry sauce - whole cloves - lean ham - brown suga


 Turn oven on 375 degrees F.

Over low heat add juice, cranberry sauce, brown sugar in a small sauce pan and mix until blended, warmed and melted down. This is your glaze. Set it aside.

Is this a healthy tuna noodle casserole?

Place your ham in a cooking pan and push whole cloves into the top of it.

Weight Watchers Citrus and Cranberry Ham is a savory recipe. It’s simple and comes out perfectly every time

Speaking of points, how many Freestyle Smart Points are in a serving of this WW tuna casserole?

You can pair this recipe will low point sides. Many vegetables are free on the Smart Points program so you won’t have to stress about finding ways to fit this recipe into your healthy lifestyle!

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