Weight Watchers Coleslaw Recipe No Mayo

This Weight Watchers coleslaw recipe no mayo edition is great when you want to make a vegan coleslaw recipe that is healthy and calculated for myWW+ programs!

One of the great things about making coleslaw with no mayo is that you don’t have to stress about it getting funky if you are taking it to outdoor parties in the summer time!

Instead of using mayonnaise or whipped dressing for our coleslaw we will be using a more sweet and sour combination of olive oil, lemon juice, and seasonings.

This simple vegan coleslaw is great for sharing and enjoying at parties, backyard BBQ’s, and more.

Because we aren’t using any dairy products in this recipe you don’t have to worry about enjoying it if you keep a vegan or vegetarian diet!


- cabbage - apples - red onion - lemon juice - olive oil - apple cider vinegar - white wine vinegar - salt / pepper / stevia all to taste.

Whisk all dressing ingredients together until well combined


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